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What is the meaning in the 144 Optical Fiber Cable? Especially why 144

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    During studying the telecom underground cable network I came across the Optical Fiber Cable having the 144 fibers (single mode).
    I want to know why 144?
    Is this a Some standard to have 144 fibers in one cable?
    I have also viewed some of the datasheet having 144 fibers Optical Fiber Cable.

    I think it might be like that in a single 144 core fibers we avail SDH, Telecommunications and also some fiber spare for future use.
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    Fiber optic cables come in 12 strand increments (with some exceptions). Large outside plant cables are built with 12 strands within a "tube" then up to 24 tubes in the cable surrounding a central strength member (among other things).

    Fiber patch panels are also designed for increments of 12.
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    19 is another magic number with cables (and 19 is, at first sight, even more random). The geometry of 'circles' allows you to fit 19 round cables into a cylinder, so it's the number of strands commonly in steel cable (for rigging etc) and in copper conductors. (1 in the centre, then layers of 6 and 12).
    32 is the next in the series . . . .
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