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What kind of components are these?

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    It's just for educational purpose, not a homework question :)

    Can you guys please identify all the five components/parts starting from the black socket like thing on the left for me? Thanks in advance!

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    That looks like a fire waiting to happen.
    It looks like two circuit breakers, two contactors with aux contacts, a relay and a timer.
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    Where did you get the picture?
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    Thanks for the reply, and I couldn't agree more! Unfortunately, things are this way in less developed countries.

    I took it myself.
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    And where was this box? Next to a swimming pool? In a factory? You are making the question harder by not offering any other details.
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    The easy way to do this yourself is to type the part numbers into google. For example, starting on the right type in PM4H-S and you will find it is a power on delay timer. Type in KC62E and you will learn that is a terminal block. Rinse and repeat.
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    Im having serious Deja Vue here

    Have seen this identical pic and same question on this or another forum many many months ago

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    Berkeman, I'm sorry as you only asked me earlier where I got that picture from and I replied accordingly. Had you asked at what place I would've gladly told you :)

    The box is in a garage of a residential house. It's not always open as it appears in the picture, it has two steel layers on top of it, one with buttons like on/off for average users to manually operate and switch to alternative load, the second steel layer has a lock so that no minor can open it.
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    Thanks, that's a really awesome tip :)
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    I can assure you I didn't post that one. I've posted this question only on this forum, and the picture I attached was taken by me the same day I asked this question :)
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    So is this box something just laying around that has been taken out of service or is it hooked up and supposed to be in service/working?
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    The box is hooked up and is in service, but from time to time the box stops switching to the alternative load automatically, an electrician had to be called up at that point. In the meantime the average users have to manually switch to alternative load by using simple on/off switches placed on the first steel layer. The wires you see in the pictures are coming from two different electric poles. The function of the box is to automatically switch to alternative source of electricity when one goes down/becomes unavailable.
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    It looks like
    1) The black object on the left is a breaker (possibly a main shutoff/ OLP)
    2) The white object between the black and grey things is a switch
    3) The grey item is a 4 pole contactor with extra contacts ( looks like it is 2 NO/2NC)
    4) Can't tell what the tan object is (wires are in the way/can't read terminal labels)
    5) The clear item is a relay (from # of terminals on base i'd say 2pole double throw, and if i read coil voltage right 220v ac coil.
    6) I believe floid answered this already.

    Ps- unless you are familiar with the workings of these devices, and the operation of the setup, you should let a qualified person t-shoot this for safety sake.
  15. Jun 4, 2013 #14
    Thanks for the explanation wirenut! :)

    No, I'm not. This box was installed by a qualified electrician, and every time a problem arises he is called to fix it.
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    I hope that black tape they are using is actually rated for voltage (mine is rated for 600v.) Not all "electrical tape" that you see is rated for voltage, just something to keep in mind when you are working with or looking at that rats nest of wiring.

    Also I second the fire comment.
  17. Jun 19, 2013 #16
    I asked the electrician today, and he said he they do use electrical tape only.
  18. Jun 19, 2013 #17
    Just for fun, can anybody translate the picture into a circuit? Just a rough abstract without the jungle of wires, a parallel circuit with a few wires only.
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