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What makes you feel great

  1. Oct 8, 2006 #1
    Dusk, intimacy, daydreaming, God, music, invention, peace, achievement, good health, physics, art, et cetera.
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    intimacy...unfortunately the few days later after-effect can sometimes be that u feel like **** (*cough* girls confuse the **** out of me *cough*)
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    Given the choice, wouldn't you prefer mutual pleasure with someone you cared for?
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    That has an obvious answer. :!!)
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    This may be the most common answer for the people in these Forums, but I love the feeling of discovery. Especially those occasional epiphenies that reshape one's perception of reality as a whole. I spent a great deal of my adolesence attempting to achieve this experience chemically, but that never satisfied.

    Of course, being a man of faith, I'd have to say that I consider all discovery to be discovery of God in some way. This is the pathos that researchers are trying to tap into when they say that a new cosmological model or a newly discovered partical will "reveal the mind of God". Though most do not take such statements as literally as I, the fact that such a statement is used to gain people's attention reveals something fundemental about the human psyche; that we seek understanding. We all acknowledge the existance of some ultimate "truth" that is our God, and we seek to nkow that truth. every time I gain a new piece of the puzzle, I feel as if I have done what I was made to do; a great sense of fullfillment.
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    Heh. Of course, it was just a facetious remark.

    Hmmm looks like i misspent my youth :rofl:
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    - Going for a blat on a freezing, sunny, dry day in my kit
    - Walking through the Peak District in the night-frozen snow on New Year's Day with someone special
    - Playing a gig that goes well
    - Pulling off a major project at work
  10. Oct 10, 2006 #9
    - Riding motorcycles
    - Science
    - Music
    - Spinning donuts in the snow :)
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    Last night before Thanksgiving dinner, my brother (who is a biologist) asked me why we can't follow the rays of light backwards and find the centre of the universe.

    Five minutes later, with the help of a nephew's party balloon and a marker, I was demonstrating the expanding universe balloon metaphor, the fourth dimension and closed, unbounded objects - to an impromptu audience spanning three generations, ranging from 15yo to 78yo - that lasted until the dinner bell rang.

    Man! Would that it had never ended! Teaching to the willing is intoxicating! (And the reason I'm here on PF.) Should I have heen a teacher?
  12. Oct 10, 2006 #11
    - Hitting the town with mates has to be one of the greatest. Parties, chatting, anything invoving people having a great time, I'm there.
  13. Oct 10, 2006 #12
    I like the feeling of finding the answer to a difficult problem, playing chess on a Friday afternoon, and eating a good meal after being hungry from a long study session. I also, for some reason, like taking long walks alone on winter nights when the moon is bright outside and the weather is clear.

    Now that I read over this I feel I am a bit of a loner.:frown:
  14. Oct 10, 2006 #13
    Understanding complex ideas - Listening to heavy and fast double bass - winning computer games - being smarter then other people*.

    *Of course if other people are smarter then me that doens't make me sad.
  15. Oct 11, 2006 #14
    -Irish Whiskey
    -The pure curiosity of children
    -Having my whole family together
    -Playing soccer and hurling
    -After a giant snow blizzard late at night, walking down the middle of the road knowing no one else is insane enough to be out in that weather
    -Every minute spent with my wife
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    The Child of Evo.

    Talking to friends here at the forum.
  17. Oct 11, 2006 #16
    i agree, i really enjoy helping people understand things...although im not in the position of knowing much at the moment.
  18. Oct 11, 2006 #17
    Using my power on others; dominating them with the force that is myself.
  19. Oct 11, 2006 #18
    Feeling the sun shine on my skin, and the sounds of water.
  20. Oct 11, 2006 #19


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    - Finishing a really good workout (swim, bike, run, whatever)

    - Riding a motocross track well, getting tired but balancing well and staying loose, and getting some significant air over tables and doubles. The feeling you get when you launch well and look down and see you have the landing downslope lined up well, and then just relaxing for a couple seconds in the air is really incredible!

    - Getting a hug from my kids!
  21. Oct 12, 2006 #20


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    Taking a dose of testosterone and breaking things;)
  22. Oct 12, 2006 #21
    Sticking K grinds.
    Playing Drums.
  23. Oct 12, 2006 #22
    Do you have a band?
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