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Testing What schools accept mid level Physics GRE scores?

  1. Sep 28, 2012 #1
    I'm applying to grad school this season. I've been preparing for the October PGRE for a few weeks non-stop and my scores are basically hitting a brick wall in the 50th percentile. I basically spend all my free time studying and I'm getting tired.

    Know I've got a good shot at the top schools if I can get up to mid 70s (I have lots of research experience, 4.0GPA, good reccomenders, etc), but right now I feel like they'll look at my pgre score and throw my app in the trash. I guess my school's physics curriculum is sub standard.

    What are some schools to look at that I can get into with ~50th percentile? I'm trying to go into quantum information experiment.
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    Vanadium 50

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    It's impossible to guess what will be going through a particular admissions committee's mind. Sometimes they focus more on one aspect of a portfolio and sometimes another.
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    There is A LOT of AMO going on here at U Arizona, and I know a few physics grads whose PGREs were ~50%. I know one professor's lab does some QI stuff (but you have have to research it further to see if it is what you are after). I believe that what is most important to our acceptance committee is usually having extensive undergrad research. And be prepared, if you interview/speak with an experimentalist prof as they will want to know about ALL the hands-on experimental research you have done (so organize your work ahead of time).
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    Basically, the worry is that people below 50% often struggle with the comps, and there is very little chance of getting in if you are in the 20's. To be honest, I have seen monster test takers who were lousy physicists, and people who really struggled with test-taking who churned out 1st author paper after paper. So I really do agree with our department's perspective in evaluating each applicant's entire body of work (even though I myself am a monster test taker). Best of luck!
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    Well I guess I'll post an update. I didn't do as bad as I thought I would. My official score is 760, 67%. Not the greatest, but I think I've got a shot with all other things considered judging from that interesting list in the post above this one.
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