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What Should I Minor in?

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    What's the best minor for electrical engineering major? I'm interested in computational mathemetics and computer science.
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    As I'm not an engineer, being an Industrial electronics Tech I cannot describe specific coursing. However I've worked with numerous electrical engineers. Severeal things I've noticed.

    1) plants tend to say "see the engineer about that problem regardless if its structural, mechanical etc.

    2) Some electrical engineers understand advanced motion control systems, some don't.

    so my advice is learn whatever you can about mechanical engineering, Industrial control systems (including plc's ). pneumatics, hydraulics, plumbing etc.
    With your interest in computers learning PLC's is one recommendation, Common PLC manufactures in North America is Allen Bradley, Seimens PLC's is used extensively in oil field applications however other names are Omron Telemechanique etc. Allen Bradley is considered the easiest one to learn from however.
    Boiler systems are also handy
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