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Homework Help: What this mathematical symbol means?

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    It is like equal sign with ^ on top.

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    In what context is this used? I can't think of a standard meaning for this.. perhaps they mean "definition." It would be easier to tell if you could quote an equation, say, which uses this.
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    For example,it is used between [tex]0.000001\;m^3[/tex] and [tex]1\;cm^3[/tex].
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    It probably means that two things are correspondent. For example, a map could be drawn to a scale, let's say 1 : 10 000, and so one could say that 1 unit of measurement on the map corresponds to 10 000 of that same unit in reality. I've seen that notation been used like this:

    1 cm2 [tex]\widehat{=}[/tex] 10 000 m2

    which means that an area of 1 cm2 measured on the map corresponds to 10 000 m2 in reality.
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    In what context it this? The two are equivalent, so it probably just means that. But, unless you provide the specific context (a question, say) then it will be difficult to guess.
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    Character Map shows one as U+2259 under the font set OpenSymbol. The character name is "Estimates"


    It can be represented with Lucida Sans Unicode font here. It may look different when you enter it in a text box, but should display fine once posted.
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    Found a wiki on it. When you copy and paste the estimates symbol, it redirects to "correspondence."

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correspondence_(mathematics [Broken])

    Whether this has anything to do with the original problem, I dunno.
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    When some problem is solved and the "first" result is given at the end followed by this symbol and "second" result.
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