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Homework Help: What will be my bi-prducts

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    hey ok i have KNO3+NaOH+MgSO4+H2O in one container now i see so very small bubbles, what is the gas being released? and the is this cloudy some what solid substance at the bottom what can that be? is it a hydroxide compund?
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    some one plz
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    1: Don't double post.
    2: This is, as I hope you know, an acid reaction (not sure of the right words in english). [tex]{SO_4}^{++}[/tex] is an acid, [tex]OH^-[/tex] (which appears when dissolving NaOH) is a very strong base. They will obviously react. Think again, and maybe you'll find it.
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    1 i didnt double post they moved it......
    2 u didnt answer y question
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    What is SO4++? I think you meant SO42-, which is a conjugate base and not an acid. SO42- will NOT react with OH- because both want to accept a hydrogen ion. It WILL react with H2O, however.

    First, I'd start out by writing out the ions dissociated. KNO3 is soluble, NaOH is a strong base so it will dissociate, and MgSO4 is soluble in water. Then think which two ions will go together to form a precipitate.

    Then think about what will happen when the SO42- reacts with H2O. Let's see what you can come up with :smile:.
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