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What's a good home built gift for an aerospace engineer?

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    Hi, I've got a friend who's birthday is coming up. She's an aerospace engineer and I was thinking it would be fun to build a small project for her but I'm not sure what. I want it to be specifically aerospace related. I've seen designs for how to build a pocket jet engine, but I wasn't so sure that was the one I wanted to do. Any suggestions?
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    I would think an R/C airplane or model rocket would be a good start as they are both aero designs. Model rockets are not too expensive (usually <$100) and don't require any special skills to operate, where as an RC plane would require some piloting skill and can be quite expesive (beginner models are probably in the >$200 range).

    You might also consider a book covering a specific topic in aerospace engineering that she is interested in.
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