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Whats the principle of superposition

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    I would appreciate if someone can refresh my mind with the principle of superposition..
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    lol yeah wikipedia was my first website but i didnt understood that explanations i already found an easy explanations.. thanks anyway..

    Superposition Principle

    The Superposition Principle states that net electric field produced at any point by a system of charges is equal to the vector sum of all individual fields, produced by each charge at this point

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    The superposition principle is a property of a linear system/function/algebra. If the function f is linear, then if
    This is the superposition principle and it works for any sort of linear or approximately linear problem. Electromagnetism and quantum mechanics are linear. More specifically, the electric field is a linear function of the charge distribution.
    So, if you know the electric field for two charge distributions, you can easily figure out the electric field for the combined charge distribution.
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