What's wrong with The Discovery Channel?

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kaku wasnt the only one on that show. hawking himself even appeared on it. they even got george lucas on there. i didn't really like the show that much though.

and as for the discovery channel, i think it sucks now compared to what it used to be. the only thing worth watching now is mythbusters on wednesdays. every other day of the week its those retarded car/garage shows which get looped like 6 times through the day. i wish i had the science channel but directtv sucks and you have to pay extra for it


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cronxeh said:
each one within their field will have an across the board error in assumptions - in biology, in chemistry, in physics, etc,
I wasn't referring to repercussions after the fact. I also didn't factor in overlap of fields. What I meant was that if a biologist is 10% wrong, and a physicist is 10% wrong, and a sociologist is 10% wrong, the overall error is still 10%.

Grogs said:
Has anyone ever seen those old films/black and white cartoons from the fifties? They show things like everyone having their own aircar, great rotating space stations in Earth orbit and families running down to the local spaceport for a vacation on the moon. Generally, the date for these 'visions of the future' was some far off date like 1999 or 2001.
Your time scale is a bit off. I have 'Popular Science' magazines from the 60's that predict these things for the 80's. And dammit, I want an aircar too!


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Evo said:
woman: must...ack...get...rocks...ack

person on spaceship: we're losing her!!

woman: ack...

I couldn't take it any longer and changed channels, obviously not a show about science. :mad:
Well I should hope so. Eaves dropping on me like that. :tongue:

It's the sad truth. No one watches education, news, or any meaningful programs anymore. To compete with real TV, Desperate Housewives, or what have you, the Discovery Channel and TLC have both become more of the same garbage. I now pay extra for the Science Channel (which sometimes has old Discovery programs), and there is still PBS.
a lot of what I was going to mention was already said, but what really killed what could have been my willingness to give the Discovery Channel a second chance was the 3 "Science of Star Wars" specials...

somehow, helicopters were equated with "star wars spy droids," monks "use the force just like Luke" and modern soldiers are "just like the storm troopers". It was agonizing to hear the constant narration trying to equate modern technology with the futuristic technology portrayed in Star Wars.

To say the specials were god-awful would be an understatement. I'll stick with NOVA, as they aren't pressured as much in putting out specials if there isn't a story.

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