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What's your favorite TV documentary/series?

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    Just bummin' around and thought I'd start a topic with an intresting question: what's your favorite TV documentary/series? I'll start by listing my favorites.

    1. Black Holes: The Ultimate Abyss- first show I ever saw on black holes back in the forth grade. I loved it and still watch it every time it comes on. It's not only informative but funny. Gotta love those clips from the Simpon's halloween episode! The graphics where excellent for the time. Good music (especially the chorus) to go along with it and I like the guy's voice who narrates it. Best space show I've ever seen.

    2. Brian Greene's The Elegant Universe- do I really need to explain myself? This show is awesome.

    3. Ancient Inventions with Tery Jones- a humorous look into some of the neatest ancient inventions. From catapults to ancient steam engines, flame throwers to explosives! Gotta love it!

    4. Modern Marvels (series)- probably the most interesting series on TV, in my opinion. Discusses the roots of tons of modern inventions, discoveries, and distasters (don't know whats marvelous about those though).

    5. Blue Planet: Sea of Life- I'm not really a biology buff but I really like ocean shows for some reason. This one is the best I've seen. My favorite is the one on deep water animals.

    6.Understanding (series)- love this series. I learned so much as a kid from it. Every night when I was young I'd watch it. My favorite episode is the one on the universe. I really love the ending quote on that episode.

    7. Walking with Dinosaurs- dinosaur running around killing stuff. Need I say more?

    8. Bill Nye The Science Guy- favorite kids program. I'd watch it every day after school.

    Thats all I can think of off the top of my head. Any shows you particulary enjoyed? List'em here.
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    I love anything Terry Jones does with history! He is quite amazing. :approve:
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    Myth Busters. not really a documentary, but awesomely entertaining.

    For documentary Modern marvels isn't bad, hidden history was ok, i'm trying to remember the name of my favorite one on the history channel....ah yes, Histories Mysteries.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    ditto ditto ditto ditto...

    Also, there used a be an pretty good show called The Mechanical Universe. It was put out by Cal Tech and did a nice job of providing some historical context to, and introducing concepts in physics. Before I returned to college I would rush home from work everyday to watch the show while drinking my hot chocolate. ...in fact, [I love the internet] here it is http://www.its.caltech.edu/~tmu/
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    I've seen that show, my AP physics teacher would show it too us a few times during the year.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I'll bet that you didn't get to drink hot chocolate. :tongue:
  9. Jan 25, 2005 #8

    No :cry: :cry:
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    extreme home makeover
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    I wasn't sure if that was a documentary so I didn't list it. But still really funny show. I loved the episode with the chicken cannon.

    Sounds good, I'll have to watch it when I get the time.
  12. Jan 25, 2005 #11
    They did the chicken cannon a couple times. First launching it at a small plane (on the ground), then at a steel plate. IN the return episode they launched frozen and thawed chickes and twelve stacked panes of glass, to officially determine which had the greatest penetrating power. The frozen chicken won by 3 panes i think.

    It was pretty spectaculr when they shot the plane though, frozen or thawed chicken (the pumpkin too) didn't matter, it just tore through that plane. So remember folks, if you ever want to shoot down a cessna, all you need is a load of fowl, and an air pressure powered cannon. *KWABOOOM*
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    i loved Carl Sagan's COSMOS series, it's pretty old i guess, but i was a kid when i watched it....
  14. Jan 25, 2005 #13
    bill nye was great, i got his autograph because we had to send out letters in school lol. i think the best thing on now is mythbusters
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