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Which is better to connect a bulb switch ?

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    I was installing a new bulb with a switch in my house. There was two different ways to connect the bulb and the switch as shown in the picture.
    Which one is better and Why?

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    The fact that you need to ask this question means you are putting yourself, your family and your house at risk.
    Get a registered electrician to do this work, they will know and follow your local regulations.
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    Use the right-hand diagram. You want the threads of the bulb socket to be Neutral, and the end button is Hot.

    It is very worrisome that you are doing this without the proper training and knowledge. Especially since your home seems to have some wiring problems (in your other thread you mention the breaker box gets warm when you turn off the breaker. Please consult a licensed electrician to help figure out your house wiring issues.

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