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Aerospace Which school would you recommend for Master's at aerospace engineering?

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    I'm a student in Korea.

    I want to get Master's degree at North America.

    But I don't know which university is good for me.

    If you have an idea, please feel free to share.

    Thanks !!
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    That is an impossible question to answer when you provide zero information about what you are interested in academically and geographically and what your background is.
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    Thanks !!!!!

    Im stuying English in Vancouver becuase i want to get Master's degree in North America.

    Now, my english skill is not good for unversity. But im trying to learn English.

    Im in 3rd year at JBNU in Korea.
    Im studying Aerospace Engineering ( Flight, Solid, Heat and Fluid Dynamic) in my unversity. Specially, I want to study more Fluid Dynamic such as compresstion flow, analyis air flow using CFD, etc when i get Master's degree.
    So, That's why im staying in Vancouver.

    Could you recommend some unversity to me? or Could you advise me what i need when i apply to the universtity?

    Thanks for reading my message.

    But i dont have any information about
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