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Who controls american carriers?

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    The navy or the air force?
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    Tom Mattson

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    The Navy. They control the airplanes on them, too.

    The USAF controls land based aircraft and air based tactical/strategic nuclear weapons (TAC and SAC, respectively).
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    Yah, US Navy.
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    The Air force is weak... Carriers have a US Navy Captain who is under orders from a fleet Admiral, IIRC. Of course they are all eventually under orders of the CINC, cheifs of staff and congress.

    This guy also has a lot to do with the control of carriers.

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    That would be the Navy. The pilots are Navy pilots, not Air Force.
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    You thinkin about a career in the US military? US Navy pilots have a good chance of becoming a NASA astronaut (although right now that might not look so appealing). A chance in a life time.

    However, having racked up about 2 hours of simulation time I can tell you that landing on a carrier is not an easy thing to do.

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    Is it just me or does that look like Donald Trump's right hand man George Ross?

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    I don't see it....
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    I guess it's just me then
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    But the Air Force has the B-2's.... hwo can you have those and be weak. Cost guards weak... army is weak... they dont have much cool stuff :D
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    we have nuke power! :biggrin: i love my job
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    That was a joke.. right? Come on townsend, you know me better than that.
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    what's wrong with the US military?
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    1. It's a military
    2. It belongs to the US.

    (hense the name: US Military :biggrin: )
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    Yep, mostly....
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    what is wrong with either of those?
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    Why don't you https://www.physicsforums.com/search.php?searchid=215730 [Broken]
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    Coast Guard, yes. Army NO! Bite your tongue. Black boxes and whiz bang gadgets do not make a force strong.
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    pff, weeeeeak :D. Crazy army guys and there tanks. What tank ever had a chance against an F-15 :D
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