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Why are you only allowed to make one?

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    Ok so I got a new computer about a month ago and I went to create a factory restore disc its windows 7 on a asus computer. Only I didn't realize that at the time I didn't have any dvd-r's and only had cd-r's and it takes like 3 dvdrs so I had to cancel the process and was just going to do it later. Well anyhow I put it off until today and here I find out you only get one chance to make that recovery disc. Like what the hell how am I suppose to do a factory re-install now that I can't created the disc I need to repair windows. Anyhow just wanted to vent and was also hoping someone on the forums might know more about this then me and possibly know a way I can get it to let me create that disc again. I read something that said you can do other factory installs from older versions of windows does that mean the windows vista factory install would work if I had to use it? I never needed a disc for that why do I need one for windows 7 argggg.

    I don't need to use it and hopefully never will but I just want to know the option is around because I have gotten bugs from sites I never thought I would by clicking something dumb like an ad.
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    If you have a spare partition, or a second hard drive, you could start to do a backup, and that will normally ask you if you want to create a windows 7 recovery disk.

    You mention factory restore, which will restore your system to it's original state, which means that you lose any data you have saved on that system, unless you back it up first. Normally factory restore is accomplished via a hidden partition on a hard drive, which you access by pressing some key combination during boot up to get into the recovery menu. Depending on the computer, this could be <F8>, <F9>, <F10>, <F11>, or sometimes <ctrl> + one of those function keys.
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    Yeah I can't find anyway to make it again... I guess I'm just out 50$-300$ or what ever it'll cost to get the discs sent to me from tech support if I do end up needing it. I'm still wondering why it even requires discs to do and that they didn't come with the computer. I guess it's a good marketing trick for people stupid enough to not check first what type of cd's they have to get people to use tech support by the computer manufacture.
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    If you can only have one shot at creating a recovery DVD, then this is absolutely ridiculous.

    I would just double cbeck though. Rcgldr's comment about a separate partition is very relevant as this is a standard way of doing a factory restore, and this is usually done as a default where the recovery partition is protected, and the process is able to be done in a way that the recovery process is automated (sometimes initiated by the BIOS) and the recovery partition does not get touched either before, during, or after the recovery process in the way that it does not get modified or deleted.

    I really don't think you will have to end up sending hundreds of dollars for DVD's and if you do, then I think that the vendor and manufacturer should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

    Also you should do google searches for doing recovery and check whether you can see if there is an existing recovery partition and how to use it for your computers makeup and model.
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    I use a second hard drive and load a clean OS on it, save a recovery file and physically disconnect it. If you ever get a really bad bug, you can just reconnect and restore off that drive.
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