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Why centrino is more expensive ?

  1. Jun 9, 2003 #1
    The notebooks of centrino is more expensive than that of P4-M , why?
    Centrino clock speed is lower than P4-M, such as 1.3GHz vs 2.2GHz.

    How about the performance? What is the advantages of centrino conpared to P4 ?[?]
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    I think centrino uses less power so the battery lasts longer. I also think low power CPU's are a developing technology so they need more money to keep funding the R&D.
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    The Centrino is nearly identical to the Pentium-M.
    The difference is that the Centrino has built in wireless lan capabilities.

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    Actually, the Centrino MOTHERBOARD has integrated wireless lan. But the centrino PROCESSOR is actually built from the ground up different from the P4-M. Its also known as the Pentium-M.

    The reason it is offered at lower clock speeds but is more expensive than the P4-M is that it is much more efficient than a P4-M. I'm not sure exactly how much, but a P-M at 1.3 ghz is probably equivalent to a P4-M at 1.8ghz or so.

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