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Why do i like math this time?

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    i have always hated math with a passion, but for whatever reason my decision to make an attempt at physics (obviously not right off) has sparked my interest, is it just my love for complicated things? or the determination that i have to not be awful at math anymore? or what?
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    Imho, yes.
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    Many times someone will hate something until they find a use for it.
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    Maybe it's because you're doing different maths?

    In highschool I found maths boring because it was mainly 'remember this formula' and 'add numbers to other numbers'

    I started to like maths once I read Mary Boas' Mathematical Methods book and Gilbert Strang's Introduction to Linear Algebra book and I started to see that maths wasn't just what it seemed to be when I was in highschool.
    Later on I picked up a book called 'The Theory of Sets' by the Bourbaki group and I've been hooked ever since.

    For this reason I've been putting together a small book, that covers the standard syllabus but goes into more rigour, for some friends of mine who seem like they may be interested in 'real' maths but are put off by the highschool stylings of it. I'm also hoping that it'll give anyone who reads it at least a little of that 'mathematical maturity' every other book talks about.
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