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Why do people insist on the graviton

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    When Einstein specifically showed there was no gravitational 'force', rather a repulsion of curved space. Is there something wrong with his theory that we must throw it all out the window and replace it with another meaningless hypothetical particle scenario?
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    A graviton is a quantized gravitational wave, it needn't necessarily contradict general relativity's claim that gravity is a consequence of curved spacetime (not curved space as you said). This is discussed on Some Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Particles:
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    Yes, it's not a quantum theory. General relativity is a classical theory about an equation called Einstein's equation that describes the relationship between the geometry of space-time and its content of matter. "Matter" is the key word here, because it's been known for a long time that matter can't be described by classical theories. If you just look closely enough, you need quantum mechanics to describe what you see. So the right-hand side of Einstein's equation is a classical description of something that definitely should be described by quantum mechanics.
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