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Why does the function file_object.readlines() return code and not text?

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    Okay, I just began a bit of a python phase, and I want some help. You'll probably be hearing from me quite a bit in the next few weeks. Anyway, my question is about I/O functions. Specifically when it comes to opening and closing text documents. I have successfully opened a file (which I called file_object), and when I print the readlines() function, I get a bunch of code, not the text from my document. And yes, I did use seek() to place my cursor. So, any suggestions?
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    Oh yeah, and the code in this case looks something like this:
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    Is the file you are opening a text file or a binary file? The output you show makes me think the file is a binary file.

    It would be more helpful if you showed your code.
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    A "doc" file has binary information in as well as text. You should retry your program with a .txt file.
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    Ah. That seems to have done it. Thank you.
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