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Whys should life not have a meaning ?

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    I tried to post the question "Why should life have a meaning ?" for a while ago, but as there seems to be no clear answers until now. Should then the question be asked the other way: "Why should life not have a meaning ?" ?

    What could be the advantages of "the meaningless life" ?

    Should there be any good reasons for arguing that life should not have a meaning ?
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    Well, what would be left for the meaningless life might be the meaning of life itself ?!

    (Just a suggestion ..)
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    One less thing to worry about.

    Each individual will develop a meaning of life, intentionally or not. So it seems that is some meaning, even if by default.
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    while I was within a religious cult, it seemed to me that if I left my life would be a meaningless excersize in futility as everything would end up in my death and be for naught. When I exited the cult, I found meaning and purpose had not simply vanished as I had feared and pondered for a long time why that was so as no clear answer emerged for quite some time. Then I read of Gary Gasparov[?] and his victory and loss to Deep Blue the IBM chess computer. He remarked that when he did beat the machine, there was no one to gloat over, no one to acknowledge as his defeated foe, because Deep Blue did not care whether it won nor lost...it really never gave a $#!+ about anything it did and we humans do... and that showed me the REAL source of all meaning. we discover meaning in living because we are AWARE that our next move will have CONSEQUENCES for our own contentment. Our next move may bring pain or pleasure or oblivian and that is what matters to us in each moment. by extension we can project this on others and bring them into our goals and dreams as well. This also clarified why animals and insects live meaningful and purposeful lives while they are living them as well.
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    good explanation jiohdi
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