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Homework Help: Width of slit and distance between adjacent maxima

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    A laser emitting light with a wavelength of 560 nm is directed at a single slit, producing an interference pattern on a screen that is 3.0 m away. The central maximum is 5.0 cm wide.

    determine the width of the slit and the distance between adjacent maxima.


    i used this equation:

    [itex]\lambda[/itex] = w L / delta y

    i got 6.7 X 10 ^-5 m for the width of the slit

    what i'm unsure of is the distance of the adjacent maxima, i'm not even sure where to begin
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    You should use the equation that links the intensity and the angle for a single slit.
    It is easy to maximize if you know some of the basic properties of the sinc function.

    Hope it helps!
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