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Windows Run, what are the programs that can be ran

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    I am not a computer genius, and was wondering if you computer guru's could help me in an area. My question is this, if you go to start then to run on windows, what are the programs that can be ran? For instance I know of one which is "msconfig" that allows you to change startup programs and many other controls of the computer. Are there a plethera of these "key words" that start, I would say hidden programs?
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    If you go into run and type in a specific exe, say C:/myprograms/coolprogram.exe

    you can run anything at all, you could open internet explorer from there. In essence, when you click program icons you are doing this but its invisible.

    As far as oneword possibilities, those are general dos applications.

    There are certainly a plethera of these. I don't even know of a way to get a list, unless you looked on the internet. You can do all sorts of things, but frankly most of them aren't to interesting!
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    Found some stuff, unsure what it all means or does.

    The utility SYSEDIT does not come as part of Windows Millennium Edition.
    In Windows ME, you can copy this utility from an earlier version of Windows
    (this is technically possible, but may be in violation of your end-user license agreement),
    or use Notepad to edit the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files, and MSCONFIG
    to modify the SYSTEM.INI and WIN.INI files.
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    I've heard it is possible to copy SYSEDIT from winXP and it will run fine in win2K.
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    Yeah, you can run any program on your computer from the Run... line. There are a lot of built-in Windows programs that don't have icons anywhere, some I remember off the top of my head:

    regedit (registry editor)
    dxdiag (directX diagnostics)
    odbcad32 (ODBC administrator)

    Some of these can screw up your system if you don't know what you're doing with em, so be warned.
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    I remember from the last PF, that there was a way to stop popups in the run area somehow, I have the disc but haven't looked it up yet. The thread was stating that popup programs were a scam and all they do is activate an already existing program on the computer?
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    Mmm, all my knowledge tells me this isn't correct. I can right an HTML page that will pop up any amount of windows when you go to the page. It's merely HTML saying to open other pages with directories, that's all.

    Shoot in just perhaps 10 lines of code one could right an html page that, when you go to it, will pop up infinite amount of windows until your computer crashes!
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