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Windows XP Unexpected Error

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    So my dad was using his dinosaur of a computer today and this error message comes up. I tried googling the code/address given, but I can only find a match for the code not the address.

    Any insight to this would be nice.

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    The address is likely a memory address that can change. It might be a bad memory cell but that's a guess.

    What were some of the links that you found and what have you tried so far?
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    The only thing I could find that was semi-relevant was https://forums.techguy.org/threads/...as-occurred-exception-code-3221225477.911567/ . It doesn't apepar that individual had much luck in his tries though. This computer doesn't have Virgin Media though. I haven't tried anything because I'm not sure what to try.
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    It could be due to newly installed software which is defective, did the machine have any new software installed before this started happening?
    It might also be a side effect of some kind of ad-ware that wasn't intentionally installed.
    Try booting it in 'safe mode', this will start the machine in a configuration that has minimal number of background processes running.
    If the problem goes away, then it's occurring because of some background process that isn't necessary.
    So then you have to look at the processes which start up with a normal boot and figure out what one is the problem is by process of elimination.
    If you boot in safe mode and the problem still is there, then it;s more likely a hardware issue.
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    It happened a little after logging in.

    I'm starting to believe this could be the path to follow.

    There isn't any new software on the PC, nor should there be any ad ware. The PC is used very basically and doesn't travel on any shady sites or download much. I'll try the safemode though, just to be safe.
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    For old machines, its good to blow away the dust inside the case with a can of compressed air. Also try to reseat the cards one at a time then fire it up.
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    The Exception Code shown at the bottom of the screen shot is the Decimal representation of Hex C0000005:

    // MessageText:
    // The instruction at "0x%08lx" referenced memory at "0x%08lx". The memory could not be "%s".
    #define STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION ((NTSTATUS)0xC0000005L) // winnt

    As noted by jedishrfu, cleaning and reseating the memory cards is a good first step.

    If random errors keep popping up during normal use, from a Command Prompt run "SFC /scannow". This compares the critical operating system files with the original files on the Windows CD and replaces any corrupted files. It doesn't tell you if anything was replaced, so all you can do is use the machine and hope it is 'cured'.

    Windows, up thru at least XP, has a quirk that if disk space in the Swap File runs out it will silently fail with no indication why. So if the hard disk is mostly full, make some room on it.

    If you're still getting random errors, get a copy of Memtest86 or Memtest86+ and let it run overnight with all of its tests enabled.
    If Memtest86 reports repeated errors at a few memory addresses, it's probably failed memory.

    If errors at scattered addresses and/or random bits are reported,
    the Power Supply or the Motherboard are prime suspects. Motherboards, and especially Power Supplies, have a limited life. Power Supplies are suspect after 3000 to 5000 hours of operation or five years age; Motherboards 'often' last three times as long, or longer.

    If Memtest86 reports are no errors,
    it may be corrupted software, but Power Supply and Motherboard are still possibilities.
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