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Wiring a Series and Parellel Switch for 12v/48v

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    I have 4 - 12 volt batteries.

    In parallel is 48 volts and series is 12 volts.

    I would like have a series/parallel switch for running in 12 volts or 48 volts.

    Most important, I would like to have a diagram for just how to wire this up.

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    Welcome to the Forum, but may I suggest you include polite "please" and "thanks" next time? Demanding posts don't get treated very well here.

    I have attached a sketch of what you would need.

    It would take 7 switches to achieve that. They would have to switch at the same time.

    In series, the batteries would give 48 volts. In parallel they would give 12 volts.

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    I did not mean to sound demanding, being my first post and all. Thanks for your picture. It appears they are no convenient way to do this with one switch and also not take up much space.


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    Yes, it isn't an easy thing to do.

    I would even like to include a middle condition where the batteries were not connected to anything for a brief period, but this would complicate the diagram even more.

    This would be to avoid short circuiting any of the batteries while the switching was taking place.
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