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Word 2003 in-line figures question

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    Hi, i'm using word 2003 (I know I should be using Latex, but my supervisors made me use word so they can use the collaboration features), and have found that having in-line figures is pullling down my text onto a new page when the figure is within a subsection. So on one page I have the 1. Title, and the 1.1 Title, but then nothing for the rest of the page, then on the next page I have the 1.1.1 Title with a paragraph then a figure. I want everything to just follow from each other, so I want the paragraph under the 1.1.1 section to still be on the first page, then the figure on the next. Any ideas?
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    I would strongly recommend creating a template in Word to do any serious document writing. I managed to find a course in report/thesis writing in MS Word which helped me to use Word's more advanced features.

    I also found quite a lot of info in the web about using word to prepare dissertations/theses such as:

    http://www.infodiv.unimelb.edu.au/tss/cpd/guides.html [Broken]

    To answer your query about in-line graphics, they are often not recommended in Word because of its tendency to screw the formatting.

    If you want to try and fix this then find the style of the text you are inserting the image into inline and open the modify style toolbox (perhaps better to create a new text style than edit a default one).

    Within the Modify Style window there should be a Format drop-down list on the bottom left so hit this and choose Paragraph. This should open another window with two tabs, selecting the 2nd tab should give you the Line and Page Break options for that style.

    The option you are looking for is in the Pagination selection, but I cannot remember exactly what each does. Unfortunately from here you will probably have to dig through MS Help to find out which option relates to your case.

    Good luck but if possible try to avoid using text-wrapping features for images in Word, they tend to be really annoying!!
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