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Problem registering my Office 2003

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    I bought the Office 2003 many years ago and have been using it in all my computers with no problem. I just bought a new Dell and try to load the program. When they prompted me to register online, which I did, they came back as said I used up all the stations already!!!

    I have loaded into all my pass computers for many years, they come and go. This is the third computer that is active using the program. So I tried the phone option, they came back and said they no longer support the telephone registration anymore. I am stuck.

    This is a ligi software that I paid for new at the time. I just want to register it. I went on the web and was instructed to delete the opa11 data file. That did not work at all. Any suggestion?


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    I think perhaps you need to de-register the product on one of your current two computers it is installed on, so you can register it on your new Dell.

    These days when you buy software, you can be allowed to install it on up to two computers -- but it varies. I don't know about Office 2003 because it is rather out of date (would security updates still be made for this?). When I installed Office 365 on my new laptop, I had to de-register it on the applicable webpage for my old laptop, so I could authenticate it via the internet on my new laptop (as it could only be activated on two computers at any one time).

    EDIT: to adjust three to two computers.
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    I went on Amazon and they sell open box Office 2007 for $35. I wonder I should just buy it. If it does not work, I'll demand full refund and return shipping.
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    That's a very old version of Office, but I notice that Office 2010 and newer versions are going for several times that price.

    I'm guessing that what happened with your Office 2003 is that you reached the maximum number of computers you can install it on. The license for these Microsoft products allows you to install it on a set number of computers and no more.
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    Thanks Mark
    I really don't care whether it's old, I'll be happy if the 2003 works. The problem is not that I installed on too many computers, it's I replace old computer one after the other in the last 12 years. I never have more than 3 at a time using the software. All I want is to contact them to explain that.
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    I'm not sure it matters. If the licensing agreement says you can install it on three computers, I think it's the same whether you install them all at once on three computers or sequentially, as you did.
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    According to the terms of the Office 2003 EULA, you are permitted to install the software on one PC and one laptop or other portable device for the exclusive use of the owner of the first device.

    You can huff and puff at the House of Bill, but I don't think you'll be able to blow it down.

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    Unless you officially deactivate it on one or more computers, which sends an online message to Microsoft that one of your allowed activations is now available for re-use. This is probably difficult to do if you don't have that computer any more. You'd have to contact their customer support and convince them about your situation.
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