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Homework Help: Work done by force

  1. Dec 3, 2015 #1
    1. The position x of a particle moving along x axis at time t is given by the eqn, t=(√x)+2.,where x is in m and t is in s. Find the work done by force in first 4 sec

    2. W=F.s=mas

    I first found out x using the given eqn nd then went blank as there was no force or mass given. But the ans is 0
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    Please keep the formatting headers in place when you post a homework problem.

    Can you supply the details about work you've done so far? (show your equations) There may be some answers to your stated issues hidden in plain sight :wink:
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    Here s is 'displacement' of the particle i.e. "change" in the value of 'x' in the equation. Does that ring any bells?
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    Great, got it. There ain't no displacement. Coz the initial as well as final position is 2. Thanx sir.
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    Thnx for clearing my stuff everyone. Hope to get ur support always
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    Its 4 actually..But its great you got the concept!:smile:
    I'm a student, probably of your age,20:smile:.
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    That was such a silly mistake. Well I m 2 years younger.
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