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Homework Help: Work Done Car Uphill PE and KE

  1. Apr 16, 2013 #1
    if a car of mass 980kg accelerates up an incline (10°to the horizontal) and increases its speed from 8.3m/s to 13.8m/s in 60m, both the air resistance and rolling resistance are taken as constant at 50N and 200N respectivelyfor the acceleration period described, determine work done

    work done = Δkinetic energy + Potential energy

    kinetic energy = 1/2 * mass * (v22-v12)
    PE = mgh

    work done = 1/2 * 980 * (13.82-8.32) + 980 * 9.81 * 60sin(10) + 50N + 200N = 161KJ

    but I have the answer to be 175KJ
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    Hi MMCS! :smile:
    Anything strike you as odd about those units? :wink:
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    Ah of course, multiply these forces by the the distance to get units of Nm. Thanks tiny-tim!
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