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Aerospace Master course in aerospace engineering

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    Hello.I'm currently studying mechanical engineering in the university.I want to follow a career in aerospace engineering so I'm looking for a good master course after I graduate.I'm very interested in flight dynamics,aerodynamics,CFD and aircraft design.I want your help and information about the universities I'm interested in.What do you know about University of Toronto Institute for aerospace studies?Is it good enough?Also do you know anything about any good universities in aerospace engineering in Australia?Thanks:)
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    I have put a thread similar to this one, but no one respond to me.
    And I am torn between two universities which are Toronto and Carleton, so if you have any info about one of them, i will be happy to hear.
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    I live in melbourne, australia and I'm just about to finish high school. I'm looking at doing an aerospace or mechanical engineering degree in the USA but as a backup Im applying to australian courses too.
    From talking to my careers counselour and course guides etc Monash University is the most repected aerospace course in victoria. RMIT also offer a course and it doesnt have as high academic standards for admission as monash but it still may be just as good. hope that helps.
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