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Homework Help: Youngs Modulus

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    Can somebody give me a short defination of youngs modulus?

    I think its the way a material acts under pressure, is this correct?
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    The Young Modulus is proportionality constant between the stress and relative longitudinal deformation. The Young Modulus physical interpretetion is the resistence a solid has against stretching.

    [tex] Y = \frac{\sigma}{\delta L} [/tex]
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    Young's modulus for linear-elastic tension / compression, Hookean material in its simplest form (uniaxial deformation like a rod or something like) :

    E = \frac {\sigma L}{\delta}

    where [tex] \sigma [/tex] is the applied uniaxial stress, [tex] \delta [/tex] the displacement and L the length (initial) of the rod or reference in question (so in this form it is essentially a 1D construct with infinitesimal deformations).
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    Ok thanks guys. Great help, :-)
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