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- Prevention and treatment of disease. Anatomy, Psychology, Neuroscience, Nutrition...
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Cogprints An electronic archive for self-archive papers in any area pertinent to the study of cognition. PubMed...
Oct19-13 08:33 PM
24 33,332
From time to time, threads are started here describing symptoms and requesting help with a diagnosis of a...
Jan11-09 04:20 AM
1 32,376
Lets say I am standing in the middle of the street in Newyork city. I can visualize ANYTHING. Not just a picture but...
Oct23-07 12:33 AM
22 5,822
I find this appalling. How is it that people don't understand the benefits of vacinations and how miniscule...
Oct22-07 11:07 PM
16 4,758
Say, hypothetically, that I ejaculate on a hand, and 5 minutes later, said hand is introduced in a vagina. Are the...
Oct22-07 07:06 PM
9 27,854
In the movie Vertical Limit *spoiler alert* a girl gets her finger crooked and she tells the guy she's a nurse...
Oct22-07 03:37 PM
7 12,849
hi budy i need a book ar sites for MRI and if possible a lectures ... hope find any help thanks
Oct21-07 07:32 AM
3 1,877
This subject has popped up in the headlines recently. Apparently infections by MRSA (Methicillin resistant...
Oct21-07 07:29 AM
0 2,135
Students Who Drank the Juice Showed Less Pain and Loss of Strength After Exercise By Miranda Hitti WebMD Medical...
Oct20-07 12:44 PM
Wild Angel
30 6,641
I know working out will certainly well as meditation. But what else? Is there a certain yoga, tai...
Oct19-07 11:40 PM
10 26,521
I am thinking mostly about STDs for this matter. Is is possbile for a non-infected person to regularly take...
Oct19-07 11:26 PM
3 2,246
i sliced a piece of the end of my finger off while cutting some basil and i would really like to speed the healing...
Oct19-07 11:15 PM
3 4,010
I'm trying to figure out why hypomania is considered a negative behavior If no one is being adversely affected who...
Oct18-07 06:01 PM
11 6,015
I have this weird anxiety. It occurs even though I don't think about it. I can't seem to attend my class because of...
Oct16-07 11:10 AM
2 1,533
I had a dream in a place that I was very familiar with, but knew didn't look the same. And I also said some random...
Oct15-07 09:57 AM
1 1,852
Hey everyone, I have a question about lead and mercury poisoning in the human body. What actually happens in the...
Oct13-07 01:39 AM
3 2,192
Biologically, what does it do to provide more energy?
Oct11-07 03:23 PM
11 9,567
Searching for God in the Brain I found this article quite intriguing.
Oct10-07 02:16 PM
16 3,743
It's that time of year when the new round of Nobel Laureates are announced. This year's winners in Physiology or...
Oct9-07 03:35 PM
0 1,822
Hey guys, what is that ringing sound we hear in our head? I read in a taoist book that if we concentrate on it, it...
Oct8-07 10:46 AM
9 33,721 "for their discoveries of principles for introducing specific...
Oct8-07 09:53 AM
1 1,790
Frequency Induced Motion Sickness? Is it true what they are saying? They are now able to send out a frequency, and...
Oct5-07 07:01 PM
6 3,684
Assuming your body is an engine which converts matter to energy, and that mass x gravity = weight, still holds true...
Oct4-07 07:32 AM
15 3,798
Numerous BBC and Daily Mail articles ( yeah, trustworthy sources 8-| ) keep bringing this up, stating that there might...
Oct2-07 07:06 PM
2 1,795
Since, the only reason we get tired and muscles wear out is b/c of lack of oxygen....if I drive the bicycle machine...
Oct2-07 11:26 AM
2 1,435
I met this young women the other day with ADD, i knew there was something wrong about the way she communicated right...
Sep26-07 12:46 PM
23 4,789
What kind of short term and long term effects does DMT have on the brain?
Sep24-07 08:46 AM
4 64,502
Does anyone know if Parkinson's tremors have ever been studied in relation to mechanical vibration in the persons...
Sep17-07 09:41 AM
5 2,207
is it true that human minds are connected by neurons or whatever? i heard that if u r thinking of something or...
Sep16-07 11:08 AM
2 1,941
For the past months or so I've been having increasing difficulty to read words correctly; a word appears like another...
Aug27-07 09:41 AM
9 3,315
I was curious as to if anyone has read/tried the techniques in this book. Is it worth trying or will I just end up...
Aug9-07 06:49 PM
0 1,957
Alternately tapping my first and second finger.... I can do this 20% faster with my left hand than my right hand. Is...
Aug4-07 11:12 AM
5 6,332
Hello, I want to change my pattern of thinking from "you lazy good for nothing bum" to "I am the best that i can...
Aug2-07 08:11 PM
18 4,483
Professor Simon Baron-Cohen is doing an interesting study of the links between autism and the ability to do math or...
Jul14-07 09:38 PM
2 3,071
I know there's plentiful similarities between a dream and a hallucination. But they're not alike. Besides dreams not...
Jul11-07 11:56 AM
33 20,075
*Can someone delete my ACE post plz? Ok, You know when we are motivated, we feel a fire within in our chest. Well,...
Jul11-07 12:21 AM
7 3,165
A- why do we feel arrogant? C- Sometimes, the we don't care, other times, we seek to unmistify. Why? E- I like to...
Jul10-07 05:30 PM
1 1,763 For those of you interested in the...
Jul5-07 01:54 PM
0 1,230
Ok, so there were these things I was reading about. Mental chunks of memory. I also remember "five, plus or minus...
Jun30-07 07:24 PM
10 2,076
I was watching a film in my behavioral neuroscience class yesterday and it showed a connection between neurons...
Jun30-07 03:49 PM
Math Is Hard
6 1,473
Hello. I am a thirteen year old recently diagnosed with type one bipolar disorder with psychotic features. Thing...
Jun26-07 03:03 PM
4 1,747
Human brain is an observer , and the problem of this idea is observing himself the brain will observe an observer...
Jun24-07 04:36 PM
4 2,615

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