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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 23,216
New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 24,048
"Aug. 13 Is the Bush administration turning to a televangelist doomsayer for political predictions? Apocalyptic...
Aug16-03 02:51 AM
Ivan Seeking
0 1,679
We had another thread addressing this issue and it was locked due to some problem with one source linked. What is a...
Oct11-11 10:58 AM
132 9,189
It has long seemed that part of the illegal Mexican immigration problem here in the US is rooted in racism in Mexico....
Dec7-09 02:40 PM
7 4,415
The latest report indicates that banks and others have paid back something around 85 billion, with over 4 billion in...
Apr26-10 03:55 PM
30 4,096
Many here are surely familiar with the claims that Obama is a closet socialist. What is funny about this is that I...
Jan9-10 11:18 PM
32 694
How many here watched this? As did many Republicans, I found the exchange to be useful and refreshing. Here is my...
Feb7-10 11:34 AM
32 3,408
I wanted to address what I see as a fallacy in the argument against taxes on companies and corporations. As the the...
Feb10-10 07:42 PM
53 4,294 While in principle I...
Feb25-10 09:48 PM
115 7,546
Mar10-10 06:30 PM
Ivan Seeking
7 1,522
It appears that the House will vote on Sunday; I think on the Reconciliation Act of 2010....
Apr21-11 09:48 PM
413 30,040
Under the new health care mandates, which are now effectively "the law", if you don't have health insurance, you will...
Apr25-10 05:38 PM
160 13,131 I really used to like McCain....
Apr18-10 03:57 PM
Ivan Seeking
47 4,569 ...
Apr19-10 10:08 PM
16 2,460 Is the former first lady paranoid,...
May5-10 07:09 PM
Ivan Seeking
13 2,066
While I realize this could get heated, it is a pressing issue, so I think it is time that we as a nation deal with our...
May8-10 12:29 AM
Proton Soup
8 1,580
Wow, the Dow dropped almost 1000 points today as traders watched the riots in Greece. Luckily it seems to be...
Jun26-12 02:57 PM
155 20,862 Not a good week for oil or nuclear...
May10-10 07:51 AM
19 3,135 I think this...
May21-10 04:47 PM
65 5,683
I consider every step forward for the Tea Party, and every primary Republican win for so-called grassroots leaders who...
Nov18-10 12:10 PM
1,056 74,708
Since I haven't spent any time in a court of law, I can only assume that these are the words actually spoken when a...
Jun9-10 10:44 PM
70 7,061
A lot has been in the news over the last couple of days about the perception in Britain that people in the US are...
Jun23-10 12:20 PM
77 5,994 These guys kill me. But I am curious to see...
Nov4-10 09:20 PM
132 11,000 Has it come to...
Nov16-10 06:50 AM
256 18,265
So I was just told by a tea party/AM radio fan and work associate. Needless to say, I was shocked to hear that he...
Nov16-10 07:57 PM
106 11,472
Whewwww! That was a close one, literally! ...
Nov29-10 11:22 PM
27 3,227
In spite of accusations from both ends of the political spectrum, the fact is that the 111th Congress was one of the...
Jan1-11 02:55 PM
114 7,684
Domestic airlines flights are subject to this law, which requires that the airline cite a specific maximum time that...
Jan3-11 10:26 PM
22 2,629
One of my favorite Republicans, and like President Obama, SOH Boehner is a shining example of the fact that power...
Jan7-11 07:21 PM
12 1,704 The argument is that this will allow far more...
Jan11-11 03:17 AM
116 8,845
I had to chime in for a moment to say how profoundly proud and moved I am by the brave, noble, and peaceful efforts of...
Mar17-11 10:52 PM
Ivan Seeking
107 9,098
Yes, and I wouldn't call it hysteria. While there is certainly some of that, every argument made in favor of nuclear...
Mar29-11 08:30 PM
133 9,744
May16-11 07:42 AM
25 3,388
When considering the best path to US solvency, it might be useful to consider the tax rates that helped to build this...
Jul6-11 05:49 PM
409 26,399
If Republicans allow the no-compromise tea party extremists to define the R party, and knowingly and willingly drive...
Aug17-11 11:02 AM
Proton Soup
502 29,555
If Congress fails to act, should Obama follow the advice of Bill Clinton? ...
Aug2-11 04:46 PM
259 16,796
My friends on the right hate Obama because he's too liberal. My friends on the left hate Obama because he's too...
Jul24-11 09:18 PM
19 2,022
Since N Dakota is a territory and not a State, ...
Aug8-11 04:16 PM
Ivan Seeking
37 3,578
I only know of two arguments against raising taxes on the wealty. The first is that higher taxes will reduce growth...
Aug9-11 01:57 PM
85 7,240 For the US, IIRC,...
Dec21-11 06:17 AM
38 4,406 The movement moves...
Mar11-12 05:55 PM
17 3,402

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