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- Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
New Guidelines for Current Events (shorter version) Politeness and respect for others is essential here. Of course,...
Feb27-12 07:41 PM
3 25,605
I stumbled across this and thought some might find it useful. ...
Mar28-08 11:20 AM
5 24,393
In the face of certain defeat and the deaths of may Iraqis, Saddam Hussein has been offered an alternative. Give...
Mar31-03 01:23 PM
21 2,197
It seems the war with Iraq will be over in a month or two, and I'm curious what the next step in bush's war on...
Apr2-03 07:18 PM
12 1,108
Korea at night from space. By now everyone who is in this forum knows I am very pro-america, but as of yet I have...
Apr1-03 04:30 PM
Mr. Robin Parsons
52 3,189
Shock and Awe tactics, huh? Gosh, they certainly love the slogans over there. What that means in non-sloganeering...
Apr1-03 12:33 PM
72 5,254
since watching what is happening to Iraq on the major news stations, i have decided to boycott watching any news...
Apr1-03 09:48 PM
45 3,251
I remember having a discussion on this a while back ... with Wu Li, if I'm not mistaken. I am reading Pinker's...
Apr5-03 01:55 PM
17 2,467
I've heard a few things going around and maybe I'm way out of the loop here, but can someone elaborate on this topics:...
Apr1-03 06:46 AM
30 2,348
A bunch of us might want to watch this. ********************** Thomas L. Friedman Reporting: Searching for the...
Apr5-03 09:29 PM
42 3,043
Why is it that anyone who mentions anything negative about the USA, or any aspect of the USA, is considered...
Apr2-03 10:46 PM
16 2,187
Alias, Russ(heres more) you have a romantic image of the US. America is beautiful, its just that we elected some...
Mar31-03 01:25 PM
45 2,787
Here's a list of some of the more informative articles I've read about the war in Iraq. These are reporting or...
Apr2-03 10:13 PM
14 1,538
I have some concern that the war with Iraq could develop into a third world war. I'm sure your immediate reaction is...
Apr1-03 01:42 PM
25 2,035
Not sure if everyone heard, but Peter Arnett was fired yesterday from NBC/MSNBC for giving an interview on Iraqi tv. ...
Apr5-03 11:33 AM
36 2,429
Pres.Bush does not like the UN. For example, going to war without UN consent, Bush does not want much UN involement in...
Apr5-03 12:58 PM
23 1,604
It has been said by the Iraqi information office, that 4,000 Iraqi's are devoting their bodies to the Saddam Hussain...
Mar31-03 04:22 PM
1 3,106
NYs Mayor Bloomberg quiped "...if the troops in Iraq recieved as much fed aid as NY, they would be conducting the war...
Apr2-03 10:21 AM
30 3,654
What do you all think of the case with Affirmative Action at the Supreme Court? For those of you who are not familiar...
Apr6-03 06:33 PM
28 2,435
What are your sources for information on the War in Iraq? I usually go to: 1) Washington Post 2) BBC 3) Public...
Apr2-03 10:59 PM
12 1,472
This is written by Geoffrey Heard C 2003, not me. I know its long, sorry about that, but as I said: I didn't write it!...
Apr7-03 12:25 PM
24 2,925
This seems a common topic lately... Mr. Cranky (of movie review infamy) has a hilarious review. The full thing is at...
Apr2-03 10:41 PM
2 1,220 The third holiest city in the Muslim world and...
Apr3-03 12:06 AM
2 1,388
We're fighting to free the people and set up a democracy, right? So if we did that, and the people voted for... ...
Apr8-03 12:14 AM
27 1,723
Bias. Ignorance (sometimes willful). Hypocrisy. Fear. I freely admit I have all of them. Anyone care to add...
Apr7-03 05:09 PM
21 5,492
The Situation Things will not be necessarily continuous. The fact that they are something other than perfectly...
Apr3-03 12:06 PM
1 2,245
I am not sure whether Saddam is alive, injured, in control of the Republican Guard or not. There seems to be evidence...
Apr5-03 05:25 PM
8 1,443
Why is the intersection of the following domains so large? People who have liberal political philosophies People...
Apr5-03 10:48 AM
5 1,111
Anyone else noticed that for the past month or so, it's appeared that the US government is being entirely led by...
Apr5-03 02:31 PM
5 1,300
Given what this forum Here states, and the stated intent of the US, as ‘liberator’, and “freeing the peoples of...
Apr7-03 08:26 PM
20 2,040
Okay, before anyone gets the wrong idea, I do not support the war. I would like to say that initially I understood...
Apr8-03 02:21 PM
44 2,380
I am not sure what I am all about on this one, so bear with me... I think we should be careful about making...
Apr6-03 11:13 PM
15 1,250
Several politicians, among them Sen. Warner (R-VA), the chair of the Armed Services Committee, have been saying today...
Apr7-03 04:19 PM
20 4,134
I am officially annoyed. etc etc ad infinitum. We are supposed to be having reasonable discussions are we not?...
Apr8-03 12:43 PM
20 1,854
As I'm writing this (7:00 GMT 4/07/03), A colonel in the US Army is taken a shower in Saddams palace in DOWNTOWN...
Apr8-03 06:33 PM
6 1,712
With no introductions or anything , I Wanted to tell everyone that we JORDANIANS are living between two crises , the...
Apr8-03 12:07 PM
29 2,134
From Police open fire at anti-war protest, longshoremen injured San Jose Mercury News - 15...
Apr7-03 02:18 PM
1 1,030
Today there was talk of when the Victory would be declared and stuff like that. It was asked if victory would be...
Apr9-03 02:40 PM
18 1,867
It was suggested to me that as of a few minutes ago Saddam Hussein is no longer in Iraq or anywhere else on this...
Apr8-03 02:39 PM
11 1,773
5th Marines enter Baghdad suburbs WITH THE FIFTH MARINES, Iraq, April 8 (UPI) -- U.S. Marines rolled into...
Apr9-03 07:24 AM
12 1,677
Talk about an anticlimax. This war was easy. Bush and Blair were right. Saddam had to go. And he went.
Apr9-03 01:46 PM
9 1,107
This is the list from the BBC: Jay Garner, head, Office of Humanitarian Assistance and Reconstruction Bruce...
Apr8-03 10:13 PM
2 1,480

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