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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 26,154
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 63,293
Wow. Clean slate! I like the format! And I've got a question. In elementary physics, it is said that the neutron...
Dec2-03 12:34 PM
74 63,204
Hi,I need some help here. Why the Compton effect can not be noticed when we are using light from the visible...
Sep30-03 11:18 PM
Floyd Flanigan
12 6,038
This guy is effectively asking for donations on EBay:...
Sep26-03 01:46 PM
Ivan Seeking
2 6,010
Ok, here goes nothing... Gravity bends photon trajectory, correct? This can be varrified by experiments...
Oct1-03 05:19 PM
9 6,873
We all know that, according to general relativity, all particles feel the gravitational force. The other forces are...
Oct24-03 11:07 PM
23 4,864
i was recently watching a TV program about british and norwegian soldiers who sabotaged a 'heavy water' factory in...
Oct16-03 04:53 PM
8 4,126
Well, hi guys, I know I am new to this forum and all but I am having a mental block with one of my physics questions....
Oct19-03 02:18 PM
1 3,049
Looking at the table of isotopic masses table it seems that certain atoms, as 64Zn or 58Ni, could be able to capture...
Nov4-03 02:55 AM
6 4,667
Iíve been trying to find specifics about quarks and gluons, and it seems like not a lot is known. If Iíve got...
Nov12-03 04:06 PM
4 3,740 This people claims that is possible that they have discovered a particle...
Dec2-03 09:34 AM
9 4,687
Can gluons exist outside of their association with quarks? If so has any experiment shown it and what has it shown?
Nov18-03 04:47 PM
4 3,623
As I understand it, gluons have no rest mass. In answering my previous question, particles consisting of gluons...
Nov21-03 12:56 PM
2 3,011
Hi all, what are Bosons? What are the types of bosons? I know a bit about Z Boson and W boson. Please explain a...
Nov21-03 11:57 AM
3 4,855
in the atom if you try to look into a neutron for example you would see the quark/gluon triangle but if you use a wave...
Dec3-03 10:18 AM
1 3,075
What is the relationship of the nutrino to infrared?
Nov29-03 12:42 AM
1 3,191
Has anyone heard the statement that a cloud of electrons neither reflects, transmits or absorbs any light therefore...
Dec1-03 10:01 AM
1 3,690
when electrons and protons fuse to canel out each others charge it seems my equations dotn add up, i need to know what...
Dec3-03 10:11 AM
6 10,334
I have to design an experiment that determines either the charge or mass of a single electron, something like was...
Dec23-03 02:34 PM
8 12,676
Quarks come in three pairs (u,d), (c,s), (t,b). For the lowest energy pair, the masses are approximately the same. ...
Dec4-03 10:02 AM
4 3,007
photons and gluons have the same mass, charge, width and GeV? so what tells them apart?
Dec26-03 04:40 PM
12 3,352
what is the predicted charge & mass of a leptoquark (theoreticaly)?
Dec4-03 10:12 AM
1 2,650
Where dummies = physicists (me!). I've been baffled thus far by statements such as "SU(2) is a representation of such...
Dec5-03 09:06 AM
1 3,057
with intense gravity the strong force between quarks are weakened. would it be possible that under extreme...
Dec16-03 02:31 PM
8 4,089
Hi all, I've decided to read up on particle physics in my spare time for my own edification, but I've had some...
Dec5-03 04:13 PM
4 4,357
Can anyone give me a link to or information about how to build a PRACTICAL particle accelerator? Like one that would...
Dec11-03 04:19 PM
3 5,205
what particle holds the strong force? and whats its spin, mass and size?. (i need an answer with a refrence to a...
Dec8-03 12:26 PM
4 2,713
I need to design a lab that would determine the elementary charge(charge of an electron). We can not use Millikan's...
Dec10-03 02:35 PM
2 2,934
What makes nuclei disintegrate at a certain point in time as opposed to another? As in, what is the fundamental reason...
Dec11-03 09:03 AM
19 4,032
I would like some opinions on the idea of rishons (Harari and Seidberg) please. Am I correct that this idea groups...
Dec10-03 12:58 PM
1 2,627
1. The light rays from the sun and artificial lights, are all light rays made up of 'photons' which travel in the form...
Dec10-03 04:30 PM
1 2,343
I'd like to know: -How do two opposite particles neutralize and how does one neutral particle polarize? I'm...
Dec24-03 03:08 PM
7 2,411
Is anyone able to tell me what happens when a down quark emits a gluon which subsequently decays? Itís for my...
Dec18-03 12:04 PM
15 2,760
The Standard Model defines Bosons, along with Fermions, as Fundamental Particles. At the same time, Mesons, which...
Dec21-03 07:48 PM
1 4,057
there are two forces, the nuclear force which binds protons and neutrons together. However as the size of the nucleus...
Dec28-03 10:34 PM
5 14,440
Hope some of the resident experts in particle physics can respond to it, because I'm unable to find a response to the...
Dec27-03 09:29 PM
2 3,836
basic atom & molecule physics After 30 views, I hadn't received any replies to this thread as posted in the...
Jan9-04 10:49 AM
jimmy p
1 2,050
Thompson Scattering is photon scattering from a Beta Particle Surface. Beta particle mass is a fundamental nuclear...
Dec31-03 11:56 PM
0 2,048
Does a particle annihilate only with its corresponding antiparticle,or with any anti particle?Also,as a photon is its...
Jan9-04 09:10 PM
6 1,851
For n by n matrices H^{+}_n H^{-}_n a(Hn+)(bHn-)=n^(m-1)Hn+, if a and b are even integers, ...
Jan9-04 12:12 PM
Antonio Lao
0 1,441
Quantized space H can only exist in one dimension. Its equation is given by equation 1-1, the square of the total...
Jan9-04 11:44 AM
Antonio Lao
0 2,045

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