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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Aug20-14 11:17 AM
68 67,083
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 26,706
black hole, firewall, gamma ray burst, information paradox, primordial bh Planck stars ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I just logged this on the biblio thread. This is in case there are questions, or things people want to discuss....
T 07:42 PM
132 25,358
In the "perche i nostri discorsi" thread, selfAdjoint gave a concise sketch of the direction that Carlo Rovelli sees...
T 07:29 PM
2,239 550,757
String effective action: S=-\frac{1}{2\lambda_{\text{s}}^{d-1}}\int d^{d+1}x\sqrt{|g|}e^{-\phi}\left+S_m where ...
T 10:18 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 255
Here's an idea that I came up with. I've heard over and over again that there is no test yet available to confirm...
T 02:52 AM
2 217
Of the twenty candidates, indicate the ones you think will prove most significant for future Loop-and-allied QG...
Y 10:29 PM
16 5,521
I think Markopoulou and Oriti have been sniffing this out a long time. Note that Wen has heuristically linked tensor...
Aug29-14 04:39 PM
218 122,527
It is frequently stated in the literature that the first attempt to unify gravitation and electromagnetism through a...
Aug28-14 10:38 AM
1 253
Why is it such a big deal? According to the "modern" (Wilsonian) viewpoint, non-renormalizability is not such a...
Aug28-14 07:34 AM
3 385
Dear PFer's, I just finished reading the first chapter of Lee Smolin's famous "The Trouble with Physics". The first...
Aug28-14 02:08 AM
6 545
Does the Lieb-Robinson bound actually proved the speed of light from the assumptions of quantum theory. If it did,...
Aug27-14 06:17 PM
2 159
It was reported in December of 2013 here ...
Aug27-14 04:10 PM
1 270
I would like to interest the PF community in a collective activity based on some topics we have discussed from time to...
Aug27-14 11:59 AM
10 399
Hello, Can anybody please explain me how magnetic monopoles, fine structure constant and string theory are related...
Aug27-14 06:12 AM
6 504
Hello, I want to have a basic understanding. When we speak 10 dimension in String Theory, do we mention: (a) The...
Aug27-14 12:52 AM
3 375
While reading about von Mises distributions I wondered if the distribution of clusters such as galaxies could be...
Aug26-14 11:38 AM
2 193
Hello, I am trying to understand the concept of symmetries, SU(2), SU(3), unitary group, orthogonal group...
Aug26-14 01:25 AM
11 384
I watched a lecture by Polchinski on youtube where he discussed firewalls that exist around blackholes. He said...
Aug24-14 08:54 PM
4 505
This is a question currently pondered by many Quantum physicists and theoretical physicists. I was just wondering...
Aug24-14 12:46 PM
1 362
If we assume that multiverse exists; it means that scientists goal are to prove this theory...but they are not...
Aug23-14 03:15 PM
15 442
Do different observers, say, inertial and accelerated, moving thru the same point in space, agree on the entropy of...
Aug22-14 07:17 PM
3 389
Hello, Is string theory or M theory wrong ? Isn't it the theory of everything ? Should we continue our research to...
Aug22-14 06:16 PM
48 9,745
Why did Verlinde in his paper suggest that information is a central concept in the emergence of gravity? I mean why...
Aug22-14 01:27 PM
23 4,311
I remember reading some stuff online (it *seemed* legit) about how some physicists were getting finite answers to...
Aug21-14 09:24 PM
Simon Bridge
5 419
While looking back at some gradings for exceptional Lie algebras, I re-discovered an old jewel of a paper...
Aug21-14 05:57 AM
48 9,753
If there were only one rotating massive body and a detector in the universe, would the detector be able to detect that...
Aug21-14 02:58 AM
3 312
Common sense really. Space is full of CBR (not to mention other radiation and matter). They keep being fed. The...
Aug20-14 11:50 AM
6 496
I see there are new BH theories: "Planck stars" and "no Hawking radiation but a bounce in slow motion" What's about...
Aug20-14 11:42 AM
1 333
In case anyone is interested in DQ I came across this, which is moderately accessible in parts....
Aug20-14 08:22 AM
2 346
Is there a conncetion between Fritz john's ultra-hyperbolic pde, which is the equation: u_{tt}+u_{\tau \tau} =...
Aug20-14 01:59 AM
1 336
Hi, While reading "Superspace: One Thousand and One Lessons in Supersymmetry" by Gates et al. I came across the...
Aug19-14 08:11 AM
19 1,254
I'm watching a lecture by Edward Witten here: In it, he mentions that...
Aug19-14 05:58 AM
4 468
I've thought about this a lot and have tried to find the answer but have been unsuccessful. In the event of the big...
Aug18-14 11:42 PM
7 857
Hi, I've been looking for a string theory review for a beginner graduate student. However, there is a vast number of...
Aug18-14 07:26 AM
7 485
Hello, How is it perceived the "Mathematical universe hypothesis" from Max Tegmark, in the scientific community ? ...
Aug17-14 07:48 PM
25 977
In its broadest sense, quantum entanglement means that two 'particles' separated by distance, and moving away from one...
Aug17-14 07:38 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 309
In a communication channel there is the time-bandwidth product limiting the amount of information that can pass...
Aug17-14 05:37 PM
8 1,165
Please note that I neither hypothesize the existence of such particle, nor know any evidence of it. This is purely a...
Aug15-14 07:44 PM
4 443
Hi all, I wonder if I study new Higgs scalars, How the data of the LHC for searching for heavier scalars in h->...
Aug15-14 01:04 PM
4 587
In the standard model, electric charge isn't fundamental, it's a combination of "hypercharge" and what could be called...
Aug14-14 03:38 PM
3 997
I found a few curious arxiv papers by Alexandre Deur (via Twitter). Deur works in QCD. He explains QCD strings...
Aug14-14 03:08 PM
3 1,196

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