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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Apr12-14 02:54 PM
59 45,881
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 22,261
Could this be of any importance for research nowadays? Steps towards an...
Y 10:19 PM
6 359
I found a few curious arxiv papers by Alexandre Deur (via Twitter). Deur works in QCD. He explains QCD strings...
Y 07:30 AM
mitchell porter
0 96
Spin Foam Gravity (SFG) has reached a stage of development where perhaps we could have a new abbreviation to...
Apr18-14 12:52 AM
12 1,042
Of the twenty candidates, indicate the ones you think will prove most significant for future QG research. Since the...
Apr17-14 07:58 PM
7 773
In the "perche i nostri discorsi" thread, selfAdjoint gave a concise sketch of the direction that Carlo Rovelli sees...
Apr17-14 07:31 PM
2,164 462,728
When do these two fields of physics overlap other than when we discuss entropy of supersymmetric black holes? Does...
Apr17-14 09:36 AM
5 202
Don't know how I bumped into this but thought some of you might like this, ...
Apr15-14 04:30 PM
0 206
Though a major collection of LQG researchers believe that particles raise in LQG by braiding (see...
Apr14-14 01:41 PM
4 416
Which do you think are the most promising alternatives?
Apr12-14 08:40 AM
17 800 How many quanta are there in a quantum spacetime? Seramika Ariwahjoedi, Jusak Sali...
Apr11-14 10:21 PM
1 260
Which is the current mathematical formulation of M theory, and what are its competitors?
Apr11-14 04:33 PM
2 279
I think Markopoulou and Oriti have been sniffing this out a long time. Note that Wen has heuristically linked tensor...
Apr10-14 07:46 PM
180 56,334
I am doing a project on string theory and my first task is to work out fundamental string solution from the I(10)...
Apr9-14 10:39 PM
0 539
The March 2014 issue of Physics Today has an article by Lee Smolin in which he argues that natural laws must change...
Apr9-14 10:30 PM
11 423
Does it make sense to study old (stringless) twistor theory nowadays?
Apr8-14 04:35 PM
6 379
Is M-Theory the only possible UV completion of Supergravity?
Apr8-14 03:47 PM
7 444
Dear every specialists, I heard that BICEP2's observation r=A_t/A_s=0.2 n_t=0 indicate two things: 1) n_t=0...
Apr8-14 04:32 AM
3 461
How fast do we expect the hypothetical graviton to travel? It seems that if the graviton were to mediate the...
Apr8-14 04:14 AM
3 341
Wieland's thesis was posted at tel.archives (the French open-archive website) on 3 March 2014....
Apr8-14 12:33 AM
5 574
Well? I told you to wait for it! :devil: (I'm sure it's still coming...) :uhh:
Apr1-14 10:46 PM
6 561
I mean I don't see any theory actually derives gravitational interaction from actual fields of particles. I only see...
Apr1-14 06:46 PM
10 590
Of the twenty candidates, indicate the ones you think will prove most significant for future QG research. I've...
Apr1-14 05:36 PM
9 2,351
Thanks to GJ for pointing out these three links: ...
Apr1-14 02:09 PM
0 358
Here, to get an idea what he's like, is video of his talk at the 2013 Moriond meeting...
Mar31-14 10:29 PM
10 706 Tomorrow Laurent Freidel gives the online International LQG Seminar talk, the...
Mar31-14 06:43 PM
1 317 SU(8) unification with boson-fermion balance Stephen L. Adler (Submitted on 9 Mar...
Mar31-14 04:58 AM
8 1,024
INTRODUCTION TO LOOP QUANTUM GRAVITY, everything you ever wanted to know... In Loop Quantum Gravity, also...
Mar30-14 03:21 PM
311 131,853
I noticed a few sources that seem to indicate that Clifford algebra may be used in both QFT and GR. I've seen where...
Mar29-14 08:29 PM
15 3,602
Could someone please settle something conceptually for me if possible? marcus, if you catch this, please help me out....
Mar29-14 01:13 AM
1 497
I'm hoping that David Horgan will create some supplemental material for this, as he has for several other LQG and CDT...
Mar28-14 12:41 PM
2 541
Does the existence of observer dependent particles as predicted by the Unruh effect and Hawking radiation lead to...
Mar28-14 08:25 AM
7 599
Most of us are familiar with the fact that in Loop gravity the area and volume observables have discrete spectrum. The...
Mar27-14 05:44 PM
David Horgan
4 711
What are the best online introductory resources for Loop Quantum Gravity? I've never felt more out of my depth than...
Mar27-14 12:51 AM
2 494
This is a thread for discussion about papers on LQC and what was published regarding inflation (not counting super...
Mar26-14 08:14 AM
8 665
To my understanding General Relativity is a theory of geometry. Is it mandatory that the next step beyond GR also be a...
Mar24-14 05:46 PM
3 532
If I understand correctly, conservation of baryon and lepton numbers imply that quarks and leptons are "basic" i.e....
Mar22-14 06:23 PM
4 1,069
Hi, I have a couple questions from chapter 2 of Zwiebach's A First Course In String Theory, second ed. 1)...
Mar22-14 04:57 PM
0 489
There were questions in a couple of threads about what books/papers/recorded lectures could serve to give a good...
Mar22-14 10:09 AM
37 5,979
Hi everyone, This is a question about conformal field theory. Even though it is not directly about beyond the...
Mar21-14 01:18 PM
2 572
Cosmic inflation: 'Spectacular' discovery hailed BICEP2 2014...
Mar17-14 08:21 PM
1 777

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