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Astronomy & Astrophysics

- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 113,720
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 45,097
I finally broke down and looked at the the thread "Proof of the cause of Gravity" and thought that I might present a...
Nov28-03 03:24 PM
24 23,118
Researchs show that our universe is expanding very fast. But I have also read that galaxies are racing ahead at great...
Nov25-03 03:57 AM
8 1,165
i have had setti runninig for about six months, i suppose there is always a chance no matter how slim. the thing is...
Nov22-03 04:48 AM
5 1,355
I was wondering about stars, and if anyone can answer part or one of these questoins (though answer more if you really...
Nov19-03 08:19 AM
Adrian Baker
11 2,674
how do planetary rings form? how do they move? what are some theories?
Nov19-03 08:35 PM
11 2,199
Hello there everyone... Lately i've been working on the idea to build my own telescope... now as the reflector...
Nov21-03 04:00 PM
8 6,901
I have read two contraditory explanations of why the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics would prohibit an oscillating universe...
Nov25-03 03:42 PM
20 3,327
It's embarassing to have to ask this, but I have never seen this issue discussed. Is there an upper limit on the...
Nov19-03 08:08 PM
10 1,927
I can understand that given a star's mass, composition, age, temperature, etc. it could be relatively straightforward...
Nov21-03 08:11 AM
8 4,248
How does this work exactly? Where does my analysis go wrong? I know it is used to speed satellites up, but its name...
Nov19-03 09:00 PM
11 3,148 We present new spectroscopic observations of an old case of anomalous...
Nov28-03 03:58 AM
18 4,662
As most of you will recall, there was considerable public outcry when the Cassini probe was launched with its nuclear...
Nov17-03 07:01 PM
6 2,553
I have some trouble seeing these two things. Lets say the big bang did happen, and the universe is expanding... ie all...
Nov27-03 01:51 PM
4 2,171
Question When astronomers find a new star, say 15 billion light years away, why do they immediately relate that...
Nov18-03 11:49 AM
3 2,480
some HW question.Thanks for your help... 1)decribe the DIFFERENCE between the FINAL states of the universe a)if...
Nov19-03 05:55 AM
4 1,867
Hello everyone. The Leonid Meteor shower is tonight for those people near the Atlantic coast of the United States. For...
Nov18-03 02:57 PM
0 1,286
With all that happened to Galileo on its mission to Jupiter, it becomes difficult not to personify it as The Little...
Nov20-03 11:36 AM
4 1,496
Incase you are unenlightened, the Nov 03 National Geographic has a lovely little description of the impending...
Nov20-03 02:06 PM
5 1,787
Hi everyone, I have been reading these posts and it seems that I may need a bigger scope. I have access to a...
Nov24-03 03:51 AM
8 1,870
As light travels at X km/h (pretty fast), and Earth is 155,000,000km away from the Sun, How much would the Earth have...
Nov19-03 10:45 AM
3 1,248
How does a Big Bang occur at every point in space. It is easy to comprehend something exploding at a point and sending...
Nov20-03 03:49 PM
3 2,646
If a black hole sucks everything into it that is near it, but at the same time has an event horizon, then everything...
Nov24-03 09:35 AM
5 1,319 The orbits of the new planets, like those of most of...
Nov24-03 05:28 AM
5 1,063
Why is it easier to measure overall structure of Andromeda Galaxy than to measure Milky Way Galaxy?
Nov21-03 10:50 AM
4 1,618
Following a thread that was started a while back about the universe, ive just been thinking. If the universe is...
Nov21-03 10:27 AM
7 3,302 June 1, 2003 This Week's...
Nov21-03 06:54 AM
0 1,095
Sorry if you think that this is the most stupid question around, but i think its the most obvious! What is actually...
Nov24-03 11:33 AM
4 1,547
CMB anisotropies are deviations of the temperature of the black body emission mainly (but not only) by photons, which...
Nov26-03 11:56 PM
Nommos Prime (Dogon)
1 2,233
Gravitational waves generated during inflation should produce a special component in linear polarization in the CMB....
Nov22-03 04:10 PM
1 2,528
Hi all, the Ptolemaic geocentric system was accepted for ~2000 years before Galilei discovered (by telescope) that...
Nov25-03 01:40 PM
4 2,174
I got up this morning, and decided I was going to try to calculate this. So here is what I asked. Given 2...
Nov24-03 09:20 AM
4 1,815
Hey, There are some really good lectures on physics at Birmingham University, and i've been to a few. This...
Nov24-03 01:30 PM
1 1,766
i found this page of major observatories,if anyone is interested just follow the links, there is a fantastic amount...
Nov25-03 02:57 PM
3 1,382
As far as I know (and I may be horribly wrong), aside from the maneuvering that occurs during takeoff and landing,...
Nov28-03 06:02 PM
jimmy p
13 3,771
Something I've thought about before but never asked anybody...The existence of short-period comets is a problem if one...
Nov27-03 02:04 PM
3 2,983
Nov26-03 08:49 PM
Nommos Prime (Dogon)
1 1,225
I want to pursue for a Ph.D in these area.
Nov27-03 09:54 PM
3 1,375
Hi, What is the orientation of the ecliptic plane of our solar system in relation to the plane of the galaxy? ...
Nov28-03 01:24 PM
6 13,162
I am currently writing a thesis on the matter of differentiating the mechanics that directly associate the quantum...
Nov28-03 04:46 PM
1 2,716
which one is easier and applicable. I think back to the past will be certainly very expensive. because after going...
Nov28-03 05:18 PM
0 1,494

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