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We've recently gotten a number of biologists on board here, so I thought it would be a good time to do a quick survey...
Feb15-14 08:57 AM
185 90,637
reference, websites Sticky Thread Pinned: Reference websites ( 1 2 3)
Take a look at this website, it has some really neat Clips, Stills, and Slides of small life forms: ...
Jan10-14 02:09 AM
43 58,140
Get up to date with the latest research news by listening to Podcasts from science journals/journalists. You can find...
Apr1-12 03:22 AM
10 20,175
Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining...
Oct25-11 11:42 AM
0 13,927
Evolution :biggrin: Perhaps we can turn this into an educational thread for future reference? I'll start off and add...
Sep9-09 11:43 PM
1 1,064
Hi, Does anybody know or have a link on the chemical/metabolic pathways for human body fat? I've been trying to...
Sep9-09 11:03 AM
4 8,584
What type of surface were human feet originally adapted to navigate (plain/savannah, desert, ect.) and have there been...
Sep8-09 11:28 AM
1 1,203
Hi everyone, just a few questions I've been wondering on... 1) Glycolysis is catalyzed by enzymes. Enzyme synthesis...
Sep6-09 10:58 AM
1 1,190
We were walking down a Brooklyn sidewalk the other day under several trees when we spotted this insect lying...
Sep5-09 11:52 PM
2 1,892
I'm reading up on protein modification at the moment and I'm kinda stumped on something. I understand that proteins...
Sep5-09 10:34 PM
Angeline Ong
6 2,299
The following article, posted on-line for pre-publication academic review, proposes that life on earth was catalyzed...
Sep4-09 02:54 PM
SW VandeCarr
0 1,386
Why is it that someone who discharges static electricity feels a sting but the person who is receiving the static...
Aug31-09 06:00 PM
7 3,088
In the future, will it be possible for humans to transform into other animals via genetic engineering?
Aug30-09 09:11 PM
1 2,109
Is there any SCIENTIFIC evidence of the effect of ultrasound on chemical repair of DNA? As in, is there peer-reviewed...
Aug29-09 09:11 AM
4 1,646
I've always wondered how enzymes could tell the difference between too much substrate and too little substrate to...
Aug26-09 12:02 AM
1 3,455
During high-school i've read an explanation for this, but unfortunately i forgot. I think heart muscle-tissue was...
Aug25-09 04:43 PM
10 8,638
How can the theory of metapopulations be related to Island Biogeography theory? Can we treat each population in a...
Aug19-09 11:06 PM
1 2,285
can you rubber band external/prolapsed loose skin left over from hemmorhoids or does it only work on internal...
Aug17-09 01:26 PM
1 1,698
I've been recently reading up on diabetes and there's some questions I can't find the answers to so if anyone here...
Aug16-09 08:39 PM
2 1,943
Do plants absorb as much carbon-dioxide as they release? Is there a co2 balance, deficit, or surplus in the plant...
Aug16-09 04:51 PM
2 1,838
I'm not looking for any causal explanations, i.e. "men stop making testosteron which causes baldness". I'm not saying...
Aug16-09 01:05 PM
15 5,446
I hope the title explains my question. I understand that Y-Chromosomal Adam is the most-recent y-chromosomal common...
Aug16-09 01:11 AM
14 5,018
There was a program on the discovery channel awhile ago about a scientist who made chicken embryos with teeth and a...
Aug14-09 03:16 AM
2 2,177
I've tried googling and using google scholar, but to no avail? I'm especially interested about avian (bird) brain...
Aug12-09 05:01 AM
jim mcnamara
1 1,966
Self-Sustained Replication of an RNA Enzyme Tracey A. Lincoln and Gerald F. Joyce Departments of Chemistry and...
Aug11-09 06:06 PM
5 2,378
If the epiglottis closes when we eat how come we can eat food with our mouth closed, how can we breathe then....
Aug10-09 02:53 AM
8 7,251
What happens when virus invades a host cell, reproduces and then leaves without destroying the host cell. Then does...
Aug7-09 04:13 AM
12 13,633
If you leave an opened banana or melon as long as a single day, there's already tens of fruitflies near it (here in...
Aug5-09 09:57 PM
3 7,154
Hello I am new to the field. Can someon answere, i cannot find the answere in books. if life 3.8 billion years...
Aug5-09 08:16 PM
SW VandeCarr
32 4,891
Is it possible?
Aug5-09 05:09 PM
2 2,675
This might be a cheesy question. If Macrophages can ingest virus, can't we create a tablet with macrophages and take...
Aug4-09 02:58 AM
2 1,487
why would utilizing duo restriction enzymes for cloning be better then just one? ( e.coli to pBluescript II )
Aug3-09 03:27 PM
3 5,274
What are some of the obstacles faced in creating prosthetic limbs that are actually controlled by your brain, just...
Aug2-09 12:56 AM
7 2,214
In a nasal infection how does histamine produce more mucus. Are their histamine receptors in the mucuous membrane? How...
Jul30-09 09:12 AM
0 2,725
The thing I don't understand about evolution is how if at one time on Earth no creature had eyes to see with, how so...
Jul30-09 06:09 AM
3 1,292
Are people more closely related to dogs or to cats? Based on behavior I would guess dogs, but what does the DNA say? ...
Jul29-09 10:24 PM
2 930
Snorkeling in the Red Sea, I noticed fish that were near the edge of my purple-range. They were small--perhaps 3-5...
Jul28-09 06:24 PM
daniel tisdal
2 891
I have preety good microscope at home and I'm wondering if it is possible to see sperm and individual guys under...
Jul28-09 04:04 AM
20 25,066 Abstract: ...
Jul28-09 03:45 AM
0 1,728
Does the immune system neutralise the toxin created by the bacteria or does it only neutralise the bacteria. Or is it...
Jul27-09 05:15 AM
3 1,475
Hello everyone, I just started biology and I have lots of clarifications If red blood cells are created in the bone...
Jul27-09 05:14 AM
3 2,787
If I were to go into genetic engineering, college, intern, work in the field, whatever it would take, at the rate of...
Jul26-09 07:16 PM
1 1,505
=================================== Life is an ability of matter to manipulate itself. ...
Jul26-09 12:56 AM
13 2,989
Are viruses life?
Jul25-09 10:28 PM
99 7,497

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