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    Satellite orbiting Earth

    Question: A 460kg satellite is launched into a circular orbit and attains an orbital altitude of 850km above Earth's surface. Calculate the: e) additional energy and speed required for the satellite to escape. Attempt: I found Ek to be 1.27*10^10 J Thus, the total energy is...
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    Negative maximum kinetic energy in Millikan's data?

    What am I finding to be confusing.. The graphs of Millikan's data were straight lines with equal slopes. The graph was plotted maimum kinetic energy (eV) versus the frequency of the wave. This was the graph that produced the linear relationship from the photoelectric effect. What does it mean...
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    Fletcher's trolley apparatus - maximum value of coefficient

    a increases, but will become negative.. a is proportional to μ ....
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    Fletcher's trolley apparatus - maximum value of coefficient

    That will give me the following: a = [\frac{(mass2)(g) - μ(mass1)(g)}{(mass1 + mass2)}] But then I have a, which I have nothing to sub in for.
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    Fletcher's trolley apparatus - maximum value of coefficient

    Homework Statement A Fletcher's trolley apparatus is set up with a block of wood of mass 4.0kg and a suspended mass of 2.0kg. The Attempt at a Solution a) Calculate the acceleration of the sys. and the tension in the string when the mass is released. m1 FnetX = [T - Ff = m1(a)] FnetY...
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    Quick question about inertial frames of reference

    Homework Statement If you are on the merry-go-round going in a circle at constant speed, are you looking at the world in an inertial, or non-inertial frame of reference? How do we tell whether from one's viewpoint, they are looking at something from an interial or non-inertial frame of reference?
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    Guy pushing girl on a swing models h.displacement with function

    1,2,3. Homework Statement , and work done. After Lee gives his little sister Kara a big push on a swing, her horizontal position as a function of time is given by the equation x(t) = 3cost(t)*e^{-0.05t} , where x(t) is her horizontal displacement, in metres, from the lowest point of her swing...
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    Sun radiating energy at a rate

    Homework Statement The Sun radiates away energy at the rate of 3.9*10^24 Watts. At what rate it it losing mass due to this radiation? Homework Equations E = Δmc^2 E = mc^2 - m0c^2 Where m0 rep. rest mass. The Attempt at a Solution For this one, I am unsure as to how I would go...
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    Neutron must travel so that kinetic energy = rest energy

    Honestly, I have to say I overlooked that "-" sign. Thank you Pengwuino.
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    Neutron must travel so that kinetic energy = rest energy

    Problem statement How fast must a neutron be travelling relative to a detector in order to have a measured kinetic energy that is equal to its rest energy? An "attempt" I know Ek = mc^2 - m0c^2 But if Ek = m0c^2, wouldn't the two terms cancel out from this equation? I am having trouble...
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    Simplest Way of finding zeros of cubic eq when rational roots test fails

    Uh.. That was the first time I ever heard any of those methods, so could anyone give me a few pointers just to show how I start off with one of the methods above?
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    Simplest Way of finding zeros of cubic eq when rational roots test fails

    Homework Statement Find the zeros of the cubic equation: y = x^3 -9x^2 + 15x + 30 How do we find the zeros of this? In this case, subbing in x-values that will make it equal 0 does not work.
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    Help with understanding Young's Derivation

    Homework Statement Here they are deriving the equation for Young's experiment: The part where they start bringing up "Assertion" and "Logic/Rationale" is where I got confused: They mention for part ii) that if the distance L >>> y, then...
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    Sketch this curve (two multipled root functions)

    Homework Statement Sketch the curve defined by g(x) = x^{1/3}*(x+3)^{2/3} Homework Equations First Derivative Second Derivative The Attempt at a Solution I attempted to use the algorithm for curve sketching: 1) Find the intercepts 2) First Derivative; look for extrema and points where f'(x)...
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    What force would be this replaced charge experience?

    Homework Statement A charge q1 = +4.0nC experiences a force of 3*10^-5N to the east when placed in an electric field. If the charged is replaced by another, q2 = -12nC, what will be the magnitude and direction of the force on the charge at that position? Homework Equations Coulomb's Law...