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    Schools Does a bad start to university hurt grad school chances?

    Look. I completed my undergraduate studies with a 2.998 in phys and csci (really tried for a 3). This is because I slacked fresh and soph years. But I was accepted into a top 50 ME gradschool with a full GRA and summertime employment. So yes you can still do it. Was it easy? hell no. But...
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    ABAQUS 6.9 Meshed Beam Cross Section

    lol. I'll take that as a no.
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    ABAQUS 6.9 Meshed Beam Cross Section

    I need help with my beam structure in abaqus. The beams I need to model are hollow and elliptical. This is not included in abaqus' library or profiles. So I want to make a Meshed beam cross section as described in the manual. However, the manual is quite difficult to understand. Can someone...
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    What have you blown your money on?

    1600 unfortunate dollars on an alienware pos laptop. Regrettable.
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    Physics undergrad -> ph.D Mech E

    I believe my research is in the area of material fatigue. Something along the lines of how microscopic cracks grow and expand and cause breakdown....
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    Emergen-c better than pill vitamin?

    I may be crazy, but I dont believe that is how the human immune system works. You're body will only use a certain amount of nutrient per unit of time (probably more when you are sick), thus taking in any more than that amount is useless with exception to the placebo effect. And the placebo...
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    Physics undergrad -> ph.D Mech E

    So I will graduate in a few weeks with a B.Sc. in physics and I will begin my phD studies in the fall in mechanical engineering. Paticularly, my research will be in materials. Can anyone shead some light on this transition? I understand that there will be loads of work and some makeup...
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    What makes quantum mechanics so interesting?

    This It used to make my parents go crazy when I took stuff apart when I was a kid. I never really knew what I was doing then and not much has changed now. This is especially true for QM. I constantly feel like im in the math dept instead of the physics dept, but that is beacuse I dont...
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    StarCraft poll

    That's an interesting thought. I was only accounting for the economics of each species and not the relative strategic advantages and disadvantages. Keeping the same "scarce" resource example going, terran do present a strong case for being the victor since they don't have to waste precious...
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    StarCraft poll

    If I rememebr correctly from back in the day of the ancients when I was addicted to this game, the reason for their half-heartedness was that they wanted to stay out of the war, which of course ended with the same result of pre world war two USA. Protoss would have the upper hand in...
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    High pergormance laptop

    Yeah, its a shame I didn't realize that back in the day when I bought it. And I may end up getting the desktop now that I may have a permanent residence soon.
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    Best way to study QM

    Anyone use Introductory QM by Richard Liboff? Its the book required for the class but I would like to know if its a good one by standards other than my professor's.
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    Admissions Fall 2010 Graduate Admissions Thread

    Wow...any funding? If yes, im pissed cause my gre score is much better and Im having difficulty securing the money...
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    Schools Things that no one tells you about grad school

    Ahhh. Thank you very much. These are the types of thing I was looking for (the parts about attending semenars and conferences and such). Now I will ask, what is the aim and purpose of attending these events? How does one publish more quickly (I guess this probably varies from school to...
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    Schools Things that no one tells you about grad school

    Ok, it would seem that we have gone in a different direction than I was originally intending. There are facts and "good strategies" that I know now after 4 years of undergraduate study. A good example of this is something my academic advisor never told me. That is as an undergraduate one...