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    Diode Question: need to understand why my approach is wrong

    Homework Statement A screenshot of the problem: imgur link: Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution My first attempt at the solution was this: imgur link: However, I have access to the worked solution, and it is...
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    Which data set should I trust more?

    Homework Statement Control systems subject. Have a DC motor setup on a difference op-amp, then with gain, and the axel moves a wiper on a pot used for feedback. I understand the concepts reasonably well enough to complete the assignment. I'm using MATLAB scripts to approximate parameters...
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    Viscous drag parallel to the axis of rotation: Control Systems

    Homework Statement seeking G(s) = \frac{\theta_2(s)}{\tau(s)} Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution What does it mean when the viscous drag is parallel to the axis of rotation?[/B] It also turns out that this system needs two equations. I can...
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    Nyquist and FM and Signal Mixing...

    In an assignment I have, we are told to implement a Frequency Modulating function without using any of MATLAB's in-built functions, and not to use it's integration function either (use cumsum instead). I've been getting a lot of problems trying to solve these assignment problems without telling...
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    Holiday project goals for undergrads with an FPGA?

    No. The entire point of the project is to get experience with FPGAs and VHDL and Vivado.
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    Holiday project goals for undergrads with an FPGA?

    It's a student project for vacation research, under-grad, not sure how many of us, there'll probably be 4-6, we're motivated. My original proposal was to get an FPGA (on an Artix-7 or Z-board) to run a CID camera sensor as a dumb peripheral, do some basic image processing stuff on it (perhaps...
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    Can a basic envelope detector demodulate a DSB-SC signal?

    ie: I am 99% sure the answer is: no, it can't. I've read that DSB-SC demodulation requires the carrier frequency to be put back into the signal at the receiving end prior to demodulation (or as part of the demod process), and that if its too out of...
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    Why is pipelining easier on a RISC vs a CISC?

    Reduced Instruction Set vs Complex Instruction Sets for the CPU control logic. In the first half of the nand2tetris course a series of projects lead me through describing a very basic CPU from the nand gates up in a basic custom HDL. The CPU I eventually described was actually a Harvard...
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    Why is pipelining easier on a RISC vs a CISC?

    I know very basically what pipe-lining is. My understanding is that the output from one "computing element" (usually a small set of instructions solving a simple task, such as say, finding a geometric mean) should flow immediately into the input of the following "computing element" where it is...
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    Finding the closed form of a recursive LTI system

    The x[n] is there as an impulse at time 0 and 1, at t = 0 the impulse is 1 and t = 1 the impulse is 7. if n <= 0: return 1.0 if n == 1: return 7.0
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    Finding the closed form of a recursive LTI system

    Homework Statement Find the closed form of the impulse response of the system y[n] = 7y[n-1]-12y[n-2]+x[n] using the peel away and guess method. Ie, by using Python code to find the geometric ratios and amplitudes of the outputs as n grows large, then calculate residuals, and find the...
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    How transfer functions become Bode plots

    Homework Statement I have a question related to taking the logs of transfer functions, getting the individual Bode plots of each subsequent factor, and adding those plots graphically. I'm working from Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, 5th edt. Let me start with the following screen capture...
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    Infinite series question with z-transform addendum

    Homework Statement Hello, I am currently doing some holiday pre-study for signals analysis coming up next semester. I'm mainly using MIT OCW 6.003 from 2011 with some other web resources (youtube, etc). The initial stuff is heavy on the old infinite series stuff, that seems often skimmed...
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    Calculating Vrms

    Homework Statement imgur link: Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution [/B] Shouldn't I use V_{rms} = \sqrt{\frac{1}{T}\int_T v^2 dt}? Which would be \sqrt{\frac{100}{2\pi}\int_0^{2\pi/100}(20+60cos(100t))^2dt} This equals \approx 79.88 V The...
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    Help with a BMD and deflection of beam problem

    Homework Statement I am given this beam: imgur link: and asked to express the slope at A and the max deflection in terms of a, E, I, and Mo. I am being told that my answer has the wrong I assume that my overall approach is ok (??) but I've...