What is Action reaction: Definition and 16 Discussions

Action Reaction is the debut album by American Post-punk band Get Smart!, released on Enigma Records' "Fever" imprint in 1984.

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  1. Ineedhelpwithphysics

    Action Reaction Spring Scale Question

    Here is the image the answer is say 100 but why. Why isn't it 0. Is it because of the pulley but even with the pulleys the tensions in both ropes are 100 N.
  2. A

    Newton's 3rd Law Dynamics Problem

    Homework Statement A 12.0-kg box is pushed along a horizontal surface by a 24-N force as illustrated in the diagram. The frictional force (kinetic) acting on the object is 6.0 N A) What is the acceleration of the object B) Calculate the value of the normal force acting on the object C) If the...
  3. Zack K

    B Action Reaction force on the earth

    "As you sit in your chair and study your physics (presuming that you do), the force of gravity acts downward upon your body. The reaction force to the force of the Earth pulling you downward is the force of your body pulling the Earth upwards". I read this somewhere just a bit ago and it's...
  4. Nantes

    Action and reaction when pushing an extremely long stick

    There is a classical thought experiment on trying to exceed the speed of light: if you push a light-year-long rod, on whose end is a button that will be pressed by the rod, wouldn't you be vastly exceeding the speed of light (which is the speed of cause & effect) by pressing the button...
  5. astrololo

    Action reaction problem or Newton's 3 law

    Homework Statement There is a bloc B that is on a surface S. A bloc A is on on the bloc B. We pull the rope towards the right. There is friction between all surfaces and the blocs stay stationary (They don't move). Identify all the forces which are applied on the bloc B...
  6. Ajit Kumar

    Newton's Third Law: Action Equals Opposite Reaction

    (a) Newtons III law : Every action has equal and opposite reaction By (a), if I apply a force of 10N on an object, it sholudnt move, as it has equal reaction, by friction of -10N so as to stop it. Isnt that logic correct?
  7. C

    Newton's third Law - action reaction pair

    Hi, I am a little confused with the concept of action reaction pair of forces. Does this depend on mass? For example, if a train engine is pulling a buggy with force F, what would be the force applied by the buggy on the engine? The masses of the two are different and there is force of...
  8. I

    Action Reaction on a discus thrower.

    Hi there, I am trying to understand the physics acting on a discus thrower, namely at their feet when they throw a discuss. first the player spins to pick up momentum for the discus, he or she does this by pushing on the ground but when the actual discus leaves the hand, is there an action...
  9. R

    Action reaction pair of magnetic force

    I am not able to understand reaction of magnetic force and how it is equal to qvb ?
  10. N

    Newtons third law question- Action reaction pair

    Homework Statement A 2000kg car pushes a 1000kg garbage can at constant speed . The car exerts a force of magnitude CB on the garbage can, and the garbage can exerts a force BC on the car. Which force has greater magnitude, or are they equal? explain Homework Equations Fcb=-Fbc The...
  11. A

    Action reaction force quick question

    Homework Statement A firewoman opens the fire hose, and water sprays forward. What is the action force and reaction force? Homework Equationsnone The Attempt at a Solution I was thinking that the action force would be water pushing on air and reaction air pushing on water? But how...
  12. B

    Action-Reaction Forces: Understanding the Basics

    This is not a question from a textbook, I am just supposing a situation. A book is lying on a table with some friction. If I push on the book, the book will push on me with an equal and opposite force; the book will then push on the table with friction, and, in return it, the table will push...
  13. F

    Action reaction forces: what is the reaction to tension?

    hello forum, consider an object attached to a rope and rotating in a horizontal loop. The tension T in the rope provides the centripetal force points toward the center of the loop. But forces always exist in pair (action-reaction). what is the other force in the pair where one of the...
  14. Hunus

    Regarding action reaction forces

    When I apply a force to a wall and the force applies a contrary force, what is causing the wall to apply this force on my hand on the atomic scale?
  15. E

    How do action reaction force pairs arise?

    Hi guys, What is the reason for action-reaction force pairs to arise? Is it a consequence of electrostatic repulsion due to interaction of the 2 bodies, or can it be explained using energy conservation or momentum conservation. Thanks!
  16. M

    Does friction work as an action reaction pair with 2 obects on top of eachother?

    Homework Statement the 1.0kg block is tied to the wall with a rope. it sits on top of the 2.9kg block. the lower block si pulled to the right with a tension force of 20N. the coefficient of kinetic friction at both the lower and upper surfaces of the 2kg block is mk=.40. what is the tension in...