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  1. H

    Integration ##\ddot\phi = -\omega^2\phi##

    Hi, I'm wondering how can I get ## \phi(t) = A sin(\omega t) + B cos(\omega t)## I know I have to integrate 2 times ##\ddot\phi = -\omega^2\phi##. However, I don't have any more explanation in my book. I know A and B are the constants of integration.
  2. SilverSoldier

    Mathematically Modeling a Rolling Body with Slipping

    Basically, I want to know if my assumptions and workings are correct. This is how I see this situation. First, I'm viewing this body as a series of disconnected points, like I have in this animation I made, modeling purely rolling motion. Modeling the body like that worked in that case, and...
  3. A

    How Do Biomimetic Sensors Work?

    Hi all, Ameya here from the University Of Twente Netherlands pursuing masters in electrical Engineering. Currently doing my thesis. My topic involves developing a biomimetic sensor.
  4. S

    Is Constant Linear Velocity Possible in Rotating Particles?

    If talking about a particle rotating around an axis away from it by r. if the particle is moving with constant angular velocity ω. is the linear velocity constant or no? Now what I know is that since we have Vt= ωr, so r doesn't change, as well as ω, so Vt is said to be constant. but I think...
  5. marellasunny

    Automotive Calculating the angular acceleration of a swivel seat

    We have an automotive swivel seat that turns from the initial seating position to the final position outside the vehicle (90 degree swivel in 15 seconds). We would like to calculate the torque required for rotating the seat along with the person. We have calculated the inertia of the movable...
  6. P

    Effects of centripetal force on longer objects

    I have a question. What will happen if you have a long object let’s say a person was lassoed by their feet and spun around by a super strong machine or person. Since the persons head of who is being spun is moving at a much faster tangential velocity then let’s say their feet. If the rope is cut...
  7. M

    Angular Velocity & Acceleration for a Series of Connected Objects

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0NXDy0RMDe7MXhMcjZBdkhoSDg/view?usp=sharing PIC: [https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0NXDy0RMDe7MXhMcjZBdkhoSDg/view?usp=sharing] 1. A rotating disk is connected with two arms AD and DB which are rotating with the rate of 0.2 rad/s^2 and -0.3 rad/s^2...
  8. A

    Finding tangential acceleration of a rotating disk

    Homework Statement Attached. Homework Equations Tangenital acceleration=r*alpha 3. The Attempt at a Solution I thought it was just simply r*alpha=2*20=40 (choice A), but the answer key says choice B. I'm not really sure where I could have went wrong or its possible that there is a mistake...
  9. J

    Determine the angular acceleration and angular velocity

    Homework Statement A thin uniform rod (of mass 10.0 Kg and length of 1.20 m) is attached to a friction-free pivot. Initially, the rod is balanced vertically above the pivot (position A in the figure attached). If the rod falls from rest, calculate a. the angular acceleration at position B...
  10. T

    B What is the force acting on a seesaw?

    Here's a question that I've been trying to solve for a while but keep on running into dead ends, and I can't seem to find any info on the internet to help me. Anyways I was wondering what the integral of torque is? For my specific example I have a rod that is not equally balanced on a fulcrum...
  11. smad0002

    Calculate the magnitude of torque due to friction

    Homework Statement A rotating flywheel slows down only because of friction in its bearings. At the initial time ti, the angular speed of the flywheel is 2.0 rad/s. The power due to friction at a later time tf is half of the power due to friction at time ti. The angular displacement of the...
  12. OrlandoLewis

    Can I use this solution? Angular motion

    Homework Statement Starting from rest, a wheel has constant α = 3.0 rad/s2. During a certain 4.0 s interval, it turns through 120 rad. How much time did it take to reach that 4.0 s interval? ω0 = 0 α = 3.0 rad/s2 θf = 120 rad Homework Equations Δθ = ω0⋅t + ½αt2 The Attempt at a Solution 120...
  13. RoboNerd

    Torque on wheel in magnetic field

    Hi, everyone. I am facing issues in trying to solve a problem on a wheel in magnetic fields. Since I was not able to access physicsforums, I wrote up everything about my issues and the question in a pdf file that I am attaching accordingly to this post. It is even typed up in the format of...
  14. jakec

    Angular Acceleration and Torque

    Homework Statement To lower himself from a balcony an 80kg stuntman grabs a rope connected to a 400kg cylinder with a 1.2m diameter that is free to rotate about its axis of symmetry. What is the stuntman's acceleration as he falls? Homework Equations I missed this on a homework assignment. I...
  15. ashraful

    Acceleration in circular motion

    Homework Statement In the case of circular motion,the direction of the velocity is changing in every moment.So,there is a angular accelleration here.What is the direction of this accelleration? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  16. mmcsa

    Determining linear velocity of pendulum

    Hello, I'm trying to develop a pendulum to test protective equipment so I want to work out the length I'll need to generate a desired velocity and the necessary mass I'll need for a specific moment of inertia. I know there are multiple ways to solve for linear velocity with equating Ek and Ep...
  17. lorenzo99

    Angular Velocity of a trebuchet

    Hello, I need some help regarding angular physics. I am working on a project and I want to be able to predict (to some degree) the velocity of the payload leaving the trebuchet. (Excuse my ignorance I am just a high school student) Lets say a trebuchet see diagram has a counter weight m1...
  18. C

    How many revolutions did the fish make?

    Homework Statement A fish starts at rest and uniformly accelerates. After 10 seconds, he is swimming around a rock at a rate of 3.14 rad/sec. a.) What's the magnitude of angular acceleration? b.) How many times did the fish circle the rock (how many revolutions?) Homework Equations a.)...
  19. D

    Dynamics of Rotational Motion and hinge

    One end of a thin, uniform rod is connected to a frictionless hinge as shown in Figure 1. The rod has a length of 0.8 mand a mass of 2 kg. It is held up in the horizontal position (θ=90∘) and then released. 1)Calculate the angular velocity of the rod at θ=90∘. 2)Calculate the angular...
  20. P

    Second Newton's law in rotation with pulley.

    Homework Statement The rope doesn't slide on the pulley, it's mass is negligible and it doesn't stretch .The pulley's moment of inertia is 0.00300 kg * m^2 with a radius of 10 cm. As the first mass goes down the rope's friction generates a moment of force of 0.150 N*m opposed to the angular...
  21. W

    Finding the Angle of a Bar PQ using Geometry and Theta

    Homework Statement Homework Equations I want to say I should be using this one: aA = aB + α x rA/B + ω x (ω x rA/B) The Attempt at a Solution The only problem is that if I'm supposed to find the angular acceleration then i'd have to take the... inverse of the cross product? To get it back...
  22. J

    Calculating wheel torque from engine torque

    Im currently writing a code to find the optimum rpm points to shift gears to maximize acceleration. Thus far I've found the shift points and the rpm's after an upshift, meaning I have my bounds on my rpm vs torque curve. For simplicity's sake I'm assuming and increase of 1000 rpm to take 1...
  23. M

    3 part question about angular/tangential acceleration

    Homework Statement Hi all, Assignment due at midnight ET, these are the last questions I'm missing 1. A merry-go-round makes one complete revolution in 15.7 s. A 53.1 kg child sits on the horizontal floor of the merry-go-round 4.3 m from the center. Find the child’s acceleration. The...
  24. S

    Rotational Inertia, Torque and Angular Acceleration (1Q)

    Homework Statement . What is the angular acceleration if a force of 3 N is applied perpendicular to the radius of a 5 kg solid sphere that has a radius of 0.6 meters? Homework Equations = r x F I = mr^2 The Attempt at a Solution I used tried solving for angular acce. 3N/(5kg)(0.6)...
  25. S

    A Couple more "Rotation of Rigid Bodies" questions

    Homework Statement 1. It has been argued that power plants should make use of off-peak hours (such as late at night) to generate mechanical energy and store it until it is needed during peak load times, such as the middle of the day. One suggestion has been to store the energy in large...
  26. A

    Does a Satellite in Constant Orbit Have Acceleration?

    Hy friends I am new here and its my first post. Iwant to ask that a sattalite orbits around Earth with constant velocity.then it has acceleration or not?