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  1. B

    Decibel Intensity level question

    1. A jackhammer produces a sound of 111 dB IL. What is the sound level when 8 jackhammers are operating simultaneously? When 100 jackhammers are operating simultaneously? When 400 jackhammers are operating simultaneously? 2. 1 jackhammer = 111 dBIL, 2 jackhammers = 114 dbIL, 4 jackhammers =...
  2. Techno_Knight

    Sound Intensity (Level) - Hearing Aid

    Homework Statement A man is wearing a hearing aid device that increases the frequency of the sounds the human ear can conceive, by 30 db. The device "catches" a sound of frequency f = 50 Hz, and intensity I = 3.00 * 10-11 W/m2. What's the intensity that the man's ear hears? Homework...
  3. S

    Problem on Doppler effect and sound level

    Homework Statement A source emits a spherical sound wave at frequency ##f=110Hz## with power ##P=1 W## in a solid angle of ##2 \pi sr##. An observer moves with velocity ##v_{oss}=108 km/h## towards the source. Determine the sound intensity level received by the moving observer. Homework...
  4. D

    Calculating Power at source from Intensity at distance R

    Homework Statement An enclosed chamber with sound absorbing walls has a 2.0 m × 1.0 m opening for an outside window. A loudspeaker is located outdoors, 46 m away and facing the window. The intensity level of the sound entering the window space from the loudspeaker is 42 dB. Assume the acoustic...
  5. S

    Understanding a sound spectrum analyzer output

    Hi, I am just trying to understand the output of a sound spectrum analyzer. There are three dimensions 1) Time 2) Frequency 3) Volume (db) I am confused about few things here: 1) How should I perceive the volume dimension here? 2) Why are the db values negative here and w.r.t what reference...