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How do you calculate torque produced by high speed winds on a turbine

  1. May 12, 2013 #1
    Salutations... I am new to this and have a project that I am working on for power generation in high wind conditions and could use some enlightenment.

    I am using a proprietary, lite weight turbine (impeller) design, enclosed in a duct, that has the following dimensions:

    1. 4 blade turbine

    2. (impeller type, 2" shaft),

    3. (the blades are 3" foil design)
    4. 8" total turbine diameter
    5. 3' in length

    I have tested the turbine at sea level, with variable wind velocity of:

    1. 20 mph = 1,200 rpm
    2. 50 mph = 3,000 rpm
    3. 100 mph = 5,000+ rpm

    How do you calculate the torque that is produced by the spinning turbine at the various wind velocities?

    Any enlightenment is greatly appreciated. Thanks...,
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    From a simplistic approach, you can get the power of the turbine based on the wind velocity. I can't remember the exact formula but the power was basically proportional to the velocity3. Then just use power divided angular velocity.

    However, you should check to see if there any official design codes for these things as I would believe that the blade angle would affect the power input to the turbine. It might possibly be the basic same way as calculating power from a steam turbine.
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