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Could i use electromagnets to increase the strength of a high speed

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    Flywheel? I dont know much about magnets, but if i used magnets on the out side of a flywheel and the inside of the flywheel caseing which repel each other effectively crushing the flywheel to oppose centrifugal forces. Would this creat greater resistance on the rotation of the flywheel? Thanks
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    In principle, I think it could work. In reality, however, you get all sort of additional losses in the system, and I doubt the gain would be notable. The edges of flywheels easily reach accelerations of the order of thousands of g, the magnets would have to be extremely strong to give a significant fraction of the corresponding forces.
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    Since the magnetic force will depend on the gap between the two sets of magnets, I would expect the unwanted variations in force (because in real life the gap will not perfectly uniform) would create worse problems than the one you are trying to solve.

    Modeling the rotordynamics of a system like that could be an "interesting" problem though.
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