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  1. Athenian

    Finding the Monopole and Multipole Moments of the Electric Potential

    My first attempt revolved mostly around the solution method shown in this "site" or PowerPoint: . However, after studying the content and writing down my answer for the monopole moment as equal to ##\sqrt{\frac{1}{4 \pi}} \rho##, I found out the...
  2. sitkican

    Multipole Expansion of a Thin rod

    Homework Statement Consider a very thin rod lying on the z axis from z = −L/2 to z = L/2. It carries a uniform charge density λ. Show that away from the rod, at the point r (r >>L), the potential can be written as V (r, θ) = (2Lλ/4πε0)(1/L)[ 1 + 1/3(L/2r)2P2(cos θ) + 1/3(L/2r)4 P4(cos θ) + · ·...
  3. F

    Electric dipole moment for a uniformly charged ring

    Homework Statement Text description: Let V(z) be the potential of a ring of charge on the axis of symmetry at distance z from the center. Obtain the first two non-vanishing terms of the multipole expansion for V(z) with z>>a where a is the radius of the ring. Can you see by symmetry that the...
  4. K

    Potential from a simple Quadrupole expansion

    Hi everyone! I'm currently working on this problem for which I am getting inconsistencies depending on how I do it. I'm trying to find the potential due to the quadrupole moment of the following distribution: +q at (0,0,d), -2q at (0,0,0), and +q at (0,0,-2d) I am doing this using two...