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Better Textbook than Lamarsh for Nuclear Engineering

  1. Mar 19, 2017 #1
    I browsed this forum a while ago and saw that several people recommend Lamarsh's Introduction to Nuclear Engineering as an intro to this field. I have read about half of this book and really don't like it. Some of the equations are derived in confusing/roundabout ways. For example, many formulas are derived which only work with particular units plugged in. Other times, unnecessary equations are added in derivations. I am wondering if anyone has a similar experience and if they can recommend a textbook more clear in explaining things (for example, Griffiths's physics textbooks).
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    Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering by J. Kenneth Shultis is a good option, and its not very confusing. But I should add that Lamarsh is not that bad.
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