What is Speed of electron: Definition and 26 Discussions

In aerodynamics, a hypersonic speed is one that greatly exceeds the speed of sound, often stated as starting at speeds of Mach 5 and above.The precise Mach number at which a craft can be said to be flying at hypersonic speed varies, since individual physical changes in the airflow (like molecular dissociation and ionization) occur at different speeds; these effects collectively become important around Mach 5-10. The hypersonic regime can also be alternatively defined as speeds where specific heat capacity changes with the temperature of the flow as kinetic energy of the moving object is converted into heat.

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  1. M

    Determining speed of electron in a parallel plate capacitor

    Homework Statement A proton is released from rest at the positive plate of a parallel plate capacitor. It crosses the capacitor and reaches the negative plate with a speed of 50,000 m/s. What will be the final speed of an electron released from rest at the negative plate? Homework Equations...
  2. moenste

    Calculate the speed of the electrons as they enter the gap

    Homework Statement Two parallel metal sheets of length 10 cm are separated by 20 mm in a vacuum. A narrow beam of electrons enters symmetrically between them as shown. When a PD of 1000 V is applied between the plates the electron beam just misses one of the plates as it emerges. Calculate...
  3. B

    Rms velocity of electron in free space?

    Homework Statement How many orders of magnitude smaller is the average drift velocity of a hole than the RMS thermal velocity of an electron moving in free space? (Use the law of equipartition to find the RMS thermal velocity of a free electron.) This is the last part of the problem, I have...
  4. Diploria

    In what sense do within-H-atom electrons "move" at ~1/137c?

    Hello, 1. I read here and here that in the hydrogen atom, electrons move at approximately ~1/137c. In the first link they speak of "zipping around the nucleus", presumably figuratively, because it is often stressed that QM has superseded the earlier model of electrons flying around. Instead we...
  5. 0coffeebean0

    Find the voltage needed to accelerate the electron from rest

    Homework Statement An electron moving with a speed v can behave as wave with wavelength 6.4 x 10^-15 m. Given that the mass of electron = 9.1 x 10^-31 kg and the charge of electron is 1.6 x 10^-19 C, find (a) the speed of v of the electron, and (b) the voltage needed to accelerate the electron...
  6. R

    Speed of electron flow through a conductor

    Is the speed of electron flow through a conductor such as copper equivalent to 'c'? I've heard of this being implied several times, but is it a fact? I know it can't be exactly the same as 'c' because we are not talking of energy propagating though a vacuum.
  7. B

    Speed of electron accelerated by a potential difference

    Homework Statement The full problem can be seen here - however, I only need help with one part: http://puu.sh/biN9W/ee2a7bf393.png I'm not sure how to find the velocity of a particle when accelerated to the point that it exceeds or approaches the speed of light when the classical...
  8. T

    What Speed Must an Electron Achieve to Orbit a Charged Glass Sphere?

    Homework Statement A 2.70-mm-diameter glass sphere has a charge of + 1.10 nC. What speed does an electron need to orbit the sphere 1.50mm above the surface? Homework Equations a = v^2/r -> force = m*v^2/r electrostatic force = K*Q1*Q2/distance^2 therefore...
  9. S

    Using relativity: speed of electron in electric field

    Homework Statement Electron, accelerated by voltage 100 kV, hits homogeneous electric field 1 kV/m. How fast is the electron after 30 ns and how big is its offset from original direction? Homework Equations ##\vec{E}=(0,E,0)## ##\vec{v_0}=(v_0,0,0)## therefore ##u_{0}^{\mu }=(c\gamma...
  10. D

    Nanoscale Energy Transport: Speed of Electron Gas in Semiconductor (Chen: 1.10)

    Before I ask the question, let me explain a little bit about myself. I graduated just over a year ago with a bachelors in Physics, and am now starting my first semester of grad school in Energy Engineering. I have been out of practice, and am facing major struggles getting back into my...
  11. L

    Speed of electron in electric field question

    Homework Statement Two stationary positive point charges, charge 1 of magnitude 3.55 and charge 2 of magnitude 1.60 , are separated by a distance of 55.0cm. An electron is released from rest at the point midway between the two charges, and it moves along the line connecting the two charges...
  12. johann1301

    Speed of Electron - How Fast Does it Travel?

    How fast does an electron travel in a typical direct circuit? F. example; In a flashlight. And... Is the speed constant?:)
  13. J

    Find Speed of Electron w/ Same Momentum as Proton at 0.62c

    Help solving the speed for and electron, having same momentum as a proton at 0.62c?? Homework Statement A proton moves with a speed of 0.62c. Find the speed of an electron that has the same momentum. (Express the answer as the quantity of one minus a number times c.) Homework...
  14. F

    Relating final speed of electron to its charge mass and voltage difference

    Assuming that the speed of the electrons is zero as they are emitted from the filament and that as they reach the anode it is v, find an expression relating the final speed v to the charge on an electron, the mass of an electron and deltaV, and hence calculate the speed v of the electrons after...
  15. H

    Speed of Electrons: 1.13*10^6 m/s

    Homework Statement Two electrons separated by 2*10^(-10)m are released from rest. What is the speed of each electron when they are a large distance apart. (Both electrons will have the same speed.) The answer should be 1.13*10^(6)m/s. Homework Equations none The Attempt at a...
  16. M

    What Determines the Speed and Frequency of an Electron in a Magnetic Field?

    Homework Statement An electron with kinetic energy 1.92 keV circles in a plane perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field. The orbit radius is 26.0 cm. Find the speed of the electron. Find the magnetic field. Find the frequency of circling. (Hz) Find the period of the motion...
  17. V

    Speed of electron in Bohr model

    Homework Statement In the classical Bohr model of the hydrogen atom, the nucleus has one positive electronic charge Q_n = e = +1.602E-19 Coulombs and the single electron (mass = 9.1E-31 kg and Q_e = -e = -1.602E-19 C, one negative electronic charge) orbits the nucleus in a circular orbit. In...
  18. T

    Finding the Ratio of Electron to Proton Speed in Beta Decay

    Homework Statement Beta decay is a radioactive decay in which a neutron in the nucleus of an atom breaks apart (decays) to form a proton and an electron. The electron is also known as a beta particle. The proton remains in the nucleus while the electron shoots out. Assuming that the...
  19. tony873004

    Calculate Speed of Electron from Charge Density

    ** Edit: Nevermind. I figured it out using the Work Energy theorem. An electron is released from rest 1.0 cim above a uniformly charged infinite plane with a charge density of 10-9C/m2. What is the speed of the electron when it hits the plane? my attempt: Potential energy when it is...
  20. S

    Speed of electron into electric/magnetic fields

    attached is my attempt to answer part b) of this question. I have been told its wrong but don't know what I'm missing, any ideas?
  21. L

    Ionization energy and speed of electron

    A neon sign is a gas discharge tube in which electrons traveling from the cathode to anode collide with neon atoms in dicharge tube and knocks electrons off of them. As electrons return to the neon ions and drop to lower energy levels, light is given off. How fast would an electron have to be...
  22. tony873004

    Finding Electric Field and Speed of Electron in a Parallel-Plate Capacitor

    Figure 19-38 shows an electron entering a parallel-plate capacitor with a speed of v = 5.25 106 m/s. The electric field of the capacitor has deflected the electron downward by a distance of d = 0.626 cm at the point where the electron exits the capacitor. (a) Find the magnitude of the...
  23. G

    Speed of electron when kinetic energy given

    Hey guys, my teacher saked us to solve for the speed of an electron when the kinetic energy is 6.7*10^-19 Joules So, I fit in the mass of an electron, and the kinetic energy, and solve for v in the 1/2mv^2 equation?? Thanks a lot
  24. Z

    Measure the speed of electron wave

    Measure the speed of electron wave By theory of electron wave(E=hv=mcc,P=h/λ=mV),we can get the speed of electron wave v=cc/V>c but physicist consider it is not possible.I think it should proved by experiment.The follow experiment may gave us some new information.,Please look at picture...
  25. T

    Speed of Electron in Two-Charge System

    Two stationary point charges and +3.00*10^-9 C and +2.00*10^-9 C are separated by a distance of 50.0 cm. An electron is released from rest at a point midway between the two charges and moves along the line connecting the two charges. What is the speed of the electron when it is 10.0 cm from...
  26. D

    Speed of electron after collision with Photon

    Heya's.. Im stuck on the following question and I can't seem to arrive at the answer at the back of the book. X-Rays from Palladium with a wavelength of 0.0590 nm, are scattered backwards from collisions with electrons. The X-Rays that return along their original path have a wave length of...