What is Tolerance: Definition and 58 Discussions

Engineering tolerance is the permissible limit or limits of variation in:

a physical dimension;
a measured value or physical property of a material, manufactured object, system, or service;
other measured values (such as temperature, humidity, etc.);
in engineering and safety, a physical distance or space (tolerance), as in a truck (lorry), train or boat under a bridge as well as a train in a tunnel (see structure gauge and loading gauge);
in mechanical engineering the space between a bolt and a nut or a hole, etc.Dimensions, properties, or conditions may have some variation without significantly affecting functioning of systems, machines, structures, etc. A variation beyond the tolerance (for example, a temperature that is too hot or too cold) is said to be noncompliant, rejected, or exceeding the tolerance.

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  1. Juanda

    I Adding random numbers: Tolerance analysis

    I am not a fan of random and statistics. I know it is extremely useful and probably the mathematical branch more applicable to real life to understand the world around us but I am a Calculus and Vectors boy. This problem though I find interesting. I would like to find a generalized solution for...
  2. C

    Air Density & Bernoulli's Equation: Tolerance Explained

    For this, Can someone please tell me what tolerance means in this context? Many thanks!
  3. E

    Full-bridge vs Half-bridge Fault Tolerance

    Why is it said that full-bridges are fault tolerant compared to half-bridge?
  4. M

    GD&T- Positional tolerance question

    I have a 2 hole pattern that I’d like to control individually (meaning I don’t want them to move as a unit….I want the tolerance to be applied separately for each hole position). However, they are the same DIA, so can I just do something like this (see below)? Like, by leaving out the distance...
  5. P

    Engineering Practical design of an inverting Schmitt trigger with noise tolerance

    This is regarding the positive feedback of an Op-Amp and the inverting Schmitt trigger. This is a typical inverting Schmitt trigger - I need to design the Schmitt trigger such that I have a threshold voltage of around 2V, when my ##+-V_{CC} = 8V##. The slew rate of the Op-Amp allows for a...
  6. Leo Liu

    Discussing Insurance, Risk Tolerance and Game Theory

    The title is my question, and this post is meant to be a place for discussions. I think it is somewhat related to game theory and microeconomics, but I am not sure how to accurately categorize it. Let me give you an example. Let us suppose that Mr. Goose, an ideal person with a national average...
  7. BWV

    So is lactose tolerance not a competitive advantage for Indo-Europeans?

    One of the hypothesis bout the Yamnaya expansion (the expansion of peoples from what is now Southern Russia / Ukraine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamnaya_culture ) was that the ability to digest lactose have a caloric advantage to these herders, but now lactose tolerance appears to be a more...
  8. Fra Ser Mur Chie

    Engineering Calculating the damage tolerance of the material

    so I have quickly gone over this, but feel that I am not going in the right direction. I am assuming Y = 1 so, 62 = 164 sqrt Ka given UTS = 164 Mpa Kic = 62 Mpa m1/2 therefor, working for ac, (the damage tolerance of the material) Oa = UTS = 164 Mpa Kic = Y Oa sqrt ac 62 = 1 * 164 *...
  9. Peter Alexander

    Probability from the tolerance of a capacitor (Gaussian distribution)

    Given the upper data, if the nominal value for capacitance is 33nF and tolerance of 20%, then values can range between 26.4nF and 39.6nF. With the bottom margin being set at 30nF, this means that the interval takes approximately 72% of all values. Is this the correct procedure to solve this...
  10. gibberingmouther

    G-Force Tolerance and Heart Rate

    This is about my tabletop game again. Hypothetically speaking, if your heart rate was faster because of an "altered time rate" - anywhere from X2 to significantly more than that times the normal time rate - would that increase your g force tolerance? I'm speaking mainly about a g-force...
  11. K

    MHB Sound measurement percentage in tolerance

    I have a graph measuring 1/3 octave sounds checking if they fall into a range so they are within a defined tolerance. If for example, I have 20 specific 1/3 octave frequencies I am looking at, I can figure out a percentage of which of the 20 frequencies fall in tolerance fairly easily...
  12. F

    Appropriate tolerance for shaft and housing for bearings?

    Hello, So I am designing a shaft which would involve bearings on the shaft, and a housing which would enclose the shaft. The shaft would be slightly bigger than the bearing hole which would create an interference fit so the bearings would stay on the shaft tightly. At the same time the bearing...
  13. K

    Polypropylene question: "high heat tolerance"

    The following red highlight is quoted from a website " 5. PP: polypropylene. PP is used to make yogurt containers, deli food containers and winter clothing insulation. PP actually has a high heat tolerance and as such, does not seem to leach many of the chemicals other plastics do." However...
  14. W

    Choosing the Right Tolerance for Bearing Housing Design: A Scientist's Guide

    I'm currently in the process of designing a bearing housing for an axle. Unfortunately I am not 100% on the diameter of my axle yet but I want to have a clear understanding what tolerances to use on my axle to bearing bore and bearing outer diameter to the bearing housing. I've looked over the...
  15. B

    Max Tolerance Stack-up: Strategies for PCBs and Blocks A, B & C

    Hi, I've been reading about stacking up tolerances. It's the first time in working with them. I understand the gist of it and I've seen a few simple examples however when I move onto my project I keep getting lost as I don't know what and where do they stack and if I should just add them up or...
  16. Kanashii

    Finding the second derivative using central difference formula

    Homework Statement Develop aprogram that will determine the second derivative of pi(16 x^2 - y^4) at y=2 with step sizes of 0.1, 0.01, 0.001…. until the absolute error (numerical-analytical) converges to 0.00001. Use the 2nd order Central Difference Formula. User Input: y, tolerance Output: h...
  17. F

    Optimizing Tolerances for Chain Link and Bolt Connections: A 3 Sigma Approach

    My problem is as following. I have a chain with "n" transitions between the chain link and the bolt. Now the whole chain rests without strain and you pull it, it elongates "x" millimeters. I have to calculate the maximum accepted play of each transition between a bolt and a chain link in...
  18. C

    Wide bandgap semiconductor -- why higher temperature tolerance?

    I was wondering if anyone knows the relationship with temperature and frequency tuning in wide bandgap semiconductors. I just want to know why wider bandgaps have higher temperature tolerance and why does that mean high frequencies can be achieved? Explanation with formulas would be great!
  19. Mantikore

    Rolling resistance, tire tolerance, gas mileage

    A question in regards to rolling resistance. Am I wrong in thinking that not everything you hit on the road with your tire effects your gas mileage? Don't tires have a tolerance in terms of how much energy they can absorb before it effects your traction, therefore effecting your gas mileage...
  20. G

    Can Organisms be Genetically Engineered to Not Build Drug Tolerance?

    Hi everyone. In a thought experiment that I like to frequent, an important question arises. Is tolerance (the body's natural resistance to the effects of drugs) a technique that we've evolved to not grow too content with our current situation? Or, do the laws of chemistry determine that...
  21. Ganesh Ujwal

    Do mammals develop tolerance to anticholinergics?

    I know that first generation H1 antagonists, commonly known as antihistamines have anticholinergic effects. Their sedative side effects go away due to tolerance, but as for their anticholinergic side effects well that's something that is unknown to me at least. You might say use second...
  22. adoion

    IC Sensitivity to Temperature and Flux Conductivity

    How sensitive are ICs to temperature? I recently replaced a digital signal processor IC (IC:cxd3098aq) Sony made on a PlayStation 2 and while doing so I heated the chip first to remove it, then I re-balled all the pads and then put the new chip on the pads applied some flux in the form of paste...
  23. A

    Physics - Human Tolerance to g-forces, acceleration limits, physiology

    Hi all, Does anyone know what physics limits human tolerance to extreme g-forces? I know the average human can take g-forces 5-7 g, and a fighter pilot, with training and a G-suit can maybe get up to 12 g. And people can survive g-forces higher than this for a very short time. I know all the...
  24. gfd43tg

    Pain tolerance with mind vs body

    Hello I was thinking, in the world in general, there are many people who would actually prefer to do hard labor over mind stimulating work. Even in my own studying I often get pain in the head and frustration. It doesn't take (relatively) too much thinking to get me to get up and take a five...
  25. E

    Tolerance for pneumatic cylinder and piston

    What is the tolerance for pneumatic cylinder and piston operating about 2 psi, at room temperature, so that the piston can move freely without leakage? The piston diameter is 20 mm.
  26. N

    Max temp range allowed that's still in range of tolerance?

    Homework Statement A 24" diameter titanium jet engine disk is machined to tolerance or +/- 0.002". Customer will accept +/- 0.003". The part is machined and measured in you plant at 80F. What is the max temp range for the customer to measure the part which you should specify in the contract...
  27. E

    Tolerance for gas/steam Engine

    What is the standard tolerance for a cylinder bore and piston? The working fluid is steam or compressed air.
  28. S

    Need help defining technical drawing tolerance

    Hi there, I have a technical drawing considering a shaft and a bearing bush (to slip on). The dawing says 85mm diameter H7s6 and I was wondering what does it mean and how can i figure out the tolerances regarding to H7s6, any mathemtical explanation or a online table to look after? Thanks...
  29. K

    GD&T - Difference between positional tolerance, concentricity and runout

    Hi, I have a great confusion existing between posititional tolerance, concentricity and run out. When I read the definitions in ASME Y14.5 M, I feel them mathematical. Can somebody pl. explain me their significance in function? Say, I have a primary axis "Datum A" and there is another cylinder...
  30. M

    Slip fit tolerance for 37mm dia. part

    I have a steel component ∅37mm (O.D.) and looking for material/guidelines on a loose tolerance for the housing surrounding it. It needs to be able to fall straight through if held up vertically, easily insertable by hand, while still providing enough axial stability. What's a good diameter for...
  31. A

    Problems for designers in tolerance stackup analysis

    Hi all, I am writing a program for tolerance stackup analysis, and I wanted to know kind of problems designers face with respect to existing softwares currently. For example, I found out that using GD&T and monte carlo simulations, many ASME 14.5 rules cannot be incorporated. Also the...
  32. J

    Medical A question about drug tolerance

    I become tolerant of meds quickly and upping the dose dose not help. Neither does stopping the drug for over a year and trying again. Can anything be done about this?
  33. H

    Error tolerance in coil design (number of turns)

    I am designing a coil which will have 2100 turns of 30AWG wire. The bobbin diameter is 1.045" and the length is 1.28" From my calculations I will use about 8,420 inches of wire. I tried an online calc but they did not take into account that the wire I am using has a heavy insulation so it's...
  34. MikeGomez

    Energy tolerance for orbital of electrons

    An exact energy level is required to bring an electron from one orbital to another. For example with hydrogen, for an electron to go from the ground state to the third orbital requires a photon with an energy of 12.09eV. But what is the tolerance? In other words, how close to that frequency...
  35. R

    What is Stack Up Tolerance Design for 2D?

    Did anybody know stack up tolerance design for 2D??
  36. M

    Medical Maximum G-Force Tolerance for Human Body: Can We Withstand Hypersonic Speeds?

    I'm fascinated by hypersonic aircraft. But what is the fastest velocity the human body can withstand? Mach 6, Mach 8? I look forward to the day when people can circle the globe in a matter of minutes. Will this be possible?
  37. M

    Find Tolerance Limit for f(x)=x^2.5 Near 0

    Homework Statement Consider f(x)=x^2.5. Note that limf(x) as x->0+ =0. The input must be less than ___ from 0 to guarantee the output is within 0.1 of the limit. Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution
  38. S

    Problem with 'O' Ring Tolerance?

    It may seems like simple homework question but it is industrial question with actual condition & I am struggling for the answer & also asked this question on other website but not get any reply. So ,please help me 'O' ring Internal Diameter(ID) ID=4 mm with tolerance is + & - 0.15mm...
  39. N

    How to determine tolerance and what tolerances are reasonable?

    I'm an entry level engineer and hopefully a future designer. When I tolerance things, I just tolerance things by the default (everything is +-.05 inches) and for more accurate items, I just tolerance it +-.005 inches. I do some basic calculations to check worse case scenarios and make sure it...
  40. B

    The Evolution of Alcohol Tolerance: A Genetic Response to Human Consumption?

    As different individuals and races are very different comparing this trait, alcohol tolerance has/is probably under heavy genetic selection. As there isn't much alcohol outside human society, i wonder whether people craved alcohol by accident already before it became abundant or did that trait...
  41. T

    Lower/Higher Tolerance Ratings for Caps?

    I built an Arduino board from scratch and I am dying to test it out, but I have nothing to hook it up to my computer with. I have a spare Serial port on the back of my computer, but since Serial uses 10V, I need to build a very simple circuit that converts the 5V from the Arduino to the 10V for...
  42. Saladsamurai

    MATLAB Is there a function in MATLAB for executing code with a tolerance value?

    OK! I am not sure how to word this, but here goes: Let's say I want to write a conditional like: for i = 1:100 if myVar(i) == 4 do some stuff break end The problem is...myVar might not ever equal exactly 4. It might be that myVar == 4.001 and that is fine; I would like it to...
  43. H

    Is Tolerance the Same for Resistors in Series and Parallel?

    Say I have a 20 ohm resistor with a tolerance of 5%. What does it mean to have a tolerance of 5%?? Thanks
  44. A

    Understanding Bearing Tolerance: Diameter 55 k5

    Hi All On the following picture http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v309/Andreii/ujj.jpg" , I have the tolerance Diameter 55 k5. Of course there is a big difference between k5 and K5 but that has nothing to do with my post. I would like to know why is exsactly this tolerance there? Why not, for...
  45. T

    What Is Tolerance? Understanding Resistors & Caps

    I usually see it when I'm looking at stuff with with caps and resistors, but have no idea what it is, and i can't respect a value if i don't know what it is. i did a quick google and didnt find anything, maybe I am just not looking hard enough, but i thought i would ask
  46. S

    Tolerance class for Plastic Gear

    Hi Guys, Can anybody advise me where to get chart for tolerance class of 11e28 and 10e28 for the plastic Gears?
  47. T

    Tolerance rating on a 0 Ohm resistor?

    Tolerance rating on a 0 Ohm resistor? I'm just curious why the zero ohm "jumper" resistors I use have a tolerance rating of 5%. This doesn't really make sense to me because 5% of 0 Ohms is still 0 Ohms. I understand that even a close to ideal conductor is not going to be 0 Ohms, but why do...
  48. L

    Resistors/caps with high temperature tolerance

    Hi guys, need to purchase some resisters and caps that can tolerate temperatures upto 125 deg. cel. any ideas where i can find some - or what type i should be looking for?? thanks!
  49. J

    Surface Mount Resistor Tolerance

    Hello, Is there a way to determine the tolerance of a surface mount resistor by its markings or coloration?
  50. T

    Finding Maximum and Minimum Tolerance

    what is the formula to find maximum and minimum tolerance?? pls help thanx