wind tunnel

  1. K

    Lift and Drag force in a Wind Tunnel

    Hello guys, I am trying to calculate the lift force and drag force in a wind tunnel at my school as a part of a project that i am doing. I am varying the length of the airfoils and trying to measure the lift force and drag force. I have 3-d printed 7 airfoils. However, I am not able to find any...
  2. T

    Help building a Wind Tunnel

    Hi everyone, I am new and I hope I'm putting this in the right section. I am currently a Sophomore in High school and I am building a wind tunnel. It's not for a class but rather its is like an independent study. I have been into planes pretty much all my life and I am hoping to get a pilots...
  3. FQVBSina

    Pressure and flow speed relationship in wind tunnel

    I need 250 m/s of airflow speed in a wind tunnel. I can assume for this purpose, the test section of the wind tunnel has uniform flow. However, the wind tunnel can only generate a flow rate of 100 m/s but the pressure can be increased. I am drawing a blank on how could a generic boundary layer...
  4. F

    Wind tunnel measurements

    I'm nearly at the end of my preliminary testing for a wind tunnel in my A2 physics coursework. My question for my project so far is: "Do different shaped objects exhibit different properties under the influence of high speed air". For my coursework I need to measure or observe something to get a...
  5. O

    Why Does Bernoulli's Equation Apply to Wind Tunnels?

    I hope this question doesn't have too obvious of an answer. Basically, I still cannot grasp why Bernoulli's equation applies for wind tunnels and pitot-static probes. According to my textbook ("Introduction to Flight" by Anderson), Bernoulli's equation holds only when comparing two points...
  6. MdAsher

    Fluid Dynamics for a Frisbee

    Hi All, I'm hoping to work on deriving the governing fluid flow equations for a frisbee in flight theoretically and then to test it on a wind tunnel, and compare results. If u could please help on how do i apply/derive the necessary equations. Respectful Regards
  7. yangshi

    Choked flow out of air compressor and wind tunnels

    I posted this on Eng-tips and no replies yet:( I'm trying to design an as-simple-and-cheap-as-possible supersonic wind tunnel using an air compressor (this even possible? given the energy losses from shock waves...). I have access to a Porter-Cable 150psi, .8hp air compressor. Questions: 1...
  8. Mr.hev

    Calculating Reynolds number for a wind tunnel

    Hi All! as you can see I'm new here! i signed up in order to ask for a wee bit of help with my thesis! (now dont get me wrong Im not exactly asking anyone to write it for me!) Ive found myself at a small bit of a loose end here, as a mechanical engineering student i am perfectly capable of...
  9. H

    Oblique Shock Angle

    Is there an equation to calculate the oblique shock angle for supersonic flow when the given angle of attack is greater than 0, but less than the half angle? In my particular practical experiment, the half angle of the aerofoil is 5 degrees, so want to get a variety of figures between 5 and -5...
  10. C

    Wind pressure

    I am a skydiving coach and I am trying to figure out how many pounds of force wind moving approximately 120 mph has on something with a surface area of 25 square inches. I know turbulence and compression play into it as we'll but I just want a general formula to figure it out. The object is...
  11. P

    Drag and Lift Sensors for a Subsonic Wind Tunnel

    Hey everyone, I'm a student working on building a wind tunnel with some classmates. I'm in charge of figuring out the drag and lift force sensors. I'm currently looking these two components: